IGN is a gamers’ website with commentary and reviews on the various new and upcoming video games.  Yesterday, they wasted five precious minutes of my life as I read an article asking if North Korean domination of over half the U.S.A. is even possible.

(Image from IGN)

Here’s a slice:

But could North Korea really pull off an invasion of the United States? Even in fifteen years when the events of Homefront take place, it seems at best to be an extremely unlikely scenario. Yet, there’s a level of plausibility here that can’t be ignored. After all, no one could have expected that Nazi Germany would take over much of Europe only 10 years after suffering from crippling inflation the likes of which the world had never even remotely seen before. If history has proven one thing, it’s that the unlikely and implausible can quickly turn into something all too real.

Okay, it’s at least a little entertaining, I suppose.

UPDATE: Apparently, a novel based on the game is also out and user reviews on Amazon gives it 4 out of 5 stars.