Screen Junkies has published its list of the top ten Korean horror movies – can you guess which ones they are?  To be honest, the only one that I have seen is #2 on the list – The Host.  Screen Junkies describes the movie as:

In this monster movie, one of the ten best Korean horror films, a monster created by toxic chemicals emerges from the river and goes on to attack in Seoul. It won eighteen awards, including the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror’s prize for Best International Film.

In a surprisingly short post here on the Hole a couple of years ago, The Metropolitician explained why he liked the movie and added his own link to his blog where he elaborates more (but not much) about his love for the movie.  I will say that I always harbored the belief – as did his commenter – that Host was an anti-American military movie (covered here by ROK Drop) but I think Mike does an excellent job of explaining his view of why it isn’t/wasn’t.  Mr. Marmot also offered his view of the movie here.