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  • bumfromkorea

    See, for me… the trouble is realism. I just can’t buy the premise of this game. It would be fine if the premise was supposed to be outlandish, but the feel of it is “what if this happened to you?” type of deal.

    Seriously, it has as much chance of happening as Somali pirates taking over America. They probably have more petroleum reserves, anyway…

  • Bipolar Mindscrew

    It’s available for pre-purchase through Steam. Another banned* game in Korea is Dead Rising 2 and I simply got my brother to gift it to me. It may be difficult to get the X-box/PS3 version at E-mart or Homeplus but I’m sure you’ll be able to find at your local game store, Auction, or Yongsan Market, as I did with Dead Rising 1.

    * banned, in this case means unapproved by the Game Rating Board, the Korean equivalent of the ESRB. Capcom simply didn’t go to the trouble to make Dead Rising 1&2 approved in Korea (and Germany). Usually game makers simply edit the content (remember the bloodless Mortal Kombat on SNES?) to get it approved. Check this out to make sure you don’t buy an edited game: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banned_games

    Banned games and movies in Korea (or any country) usually become very popular.

  • Bipolar Mindscrew

    Lol. I just noticed it is banned in South Korea. Maybe I better pre-purchase before someone at Steam notices.