As mentioned previously at TMH here (and maybe here), Korean girl bands have gained some popularity in Japan.  As with Korean dramas in the mid and early 2000’s, this popularity has garnered an interesting response from some in Japanese society.    Ah, fond memories.  Apparently, Manga Kenkanryū was popular enough to have spawned three sequels!

So, now we are in the second decade of the new century and in the mist of a new “Korean Wave” in Japan, dissenter voices have arisen among the manga ranks yet again.  Say hello to “Chase of fabricated K-pop boom.”  Well, I’m sure there is a better way to translate the title, but hey, blame it on the Korea Times.

(Image from Innolife)

The manga illustrates allegations that the Korean girl band wave is a “manufactured” phenomenon scripted by unscrupulous Korean companies and the government, pouring money into Japan to promote its popularity.  Furthermore, it alleges that the girl groups have to perform sexual favors in Korea, etc.  They threw in the suicide of actress Jang Ja-yeon for good measure too.

Update: SeoulBeats has even more images from the comic.  Might be NSFW.