International Mountain Day Commemoration in Seoul

A few things of interest:

I have photos up of the Unveiling Ceremony of the biseok stone memorial monument for cultural-preservation hero “Horay” Zo Zayong that i attended this past November 14th — see here.

UC Santa Barbara Prof. Hyung-il Pai, expert researcher on Korean’s changing images of their selves / nation / history, is giving a lecture in English at SNU this Thursday that looks pretty interesting, tourism-related:  “Nostalgic Journeys and Representations of “Korea”:  The Modern Tourist Industry and the Making of Must-See Destinations”.  Kyujangak Reseach Building 103-dong, Room 112, Dec 9th 4-6 pm.  Contact: 880-5827.

And then the main topic:  A bunch of us are celebrating the United Nations International Mountain Day (officially Dec 11th, this year’s theme is “Biodiversity”) for the fifth year in a row — these events just get bigger & better every time.  This year we’re able to do it on the exact day, this coming Saturday afternoon 1-6 pm, and it’ll be on my own campus (Kyung Hee Univ).   There will be some interesting speakers, presentations, videos and performances, all mountain-related.  As always it’s held by the Korean Mountain Preservation League, and full info is on this page of their site.  It should be a very nice time with a crowd of good people…   Post in comments here if you have any questions.

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    zero comments.

  • WangKon936

    Hyung-il Pai is not well liked in Korea. She essentially says that Tangun is just like the tooth fairy.

  • cmm

    Are there Koreans who actually believe otherwise? (I actually have no idea about this… and am curious.)

  • Jieun K

    I wouldn’t rule out the possibility, but Dangun usually goes hand in hand with shinhwa (myth) when it’s talked about.

  • Sperwer


    Oh yeah, and there are various religious sects that are especially adamant about it

  • R. Elgin

    I just wish these crazy Christian sects here would not run around, chopping the heads off of those Tangun and Buddha statues one finds here and there.

    I noticed that while some well-meaning historically minded people in Korea want to promote Korean culture by using symbols such as Tangun or Sanshin, inevitably it is this same rabid Christian sect portion of society that hates this idea and vetos certain promotional ideas because it does not glorify their Jesus™. Such reminds me too much of the present day Iranian Mullahs that would flood the ancient cities of Cyrus the Great just because he was not Muslim!

    I almost always enjoy Sanshinseon’s posts too, even if I have little to contribute.

  • Sperwer

    Elgin: You apparently have not had any run-ins with the Tangun zealots themselves, who try physically to force visitors to their village in Chiri-san to prostrate to Dangun. 😉

  • cmm