A few things of interest:

I have photos up of the Unveiling Ceremony of the biseok stone memorial monument for cultural-preservation hero “Horay” Zo Zayong that i attended this past November 14th — see here.

UC Santa Barbara Prof. Hyung-il Pai, expert researcher on Korean’s changing images of their selves / nation / history, is giving a lecture in English at SNU this Thursday that looks pretty interesting, tourism-related:  “Nostalgic Journeys and Representations of “Korea”:  The Modern Tourist Industry and the Making of Must-See Destinations”.  Kyujangak Reseach Building 103-dong, Room 112, Dec 9th 4-6 pm.  Contact: 880-5827.

And then the main topic:  A bunch of us are celebrating the United Nations International Mountain Day (officially Dec 11th, this year’s theme is “Biodiversity”) for the fifth year in a row — these events just get bigger & better every time.  This year we’re able to do it on the exact day, this coming Saturday afternoon 1-6 pm, and it’ll be on my own campus (Kyung Hee Univ).   There will be some interesting speakers, presentations, videos and performances, all mountain-related.  As always it’s held by the Korean Mountain Preservation League, and full info is on this page of their site.  It should be a very nice time with a crowd of good people…   Post in comments here if you have any questions.