Some very, very tough dudes are heading to the UAE to train the kingdom’s Special Forces:

The Cabinet on Tuesday approved a bill on sending up to 150 combat troops to the United Arab Emirates in January for a two-year mission to help train the Middle East country’s special forces.

In a meeting presided over by Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, the Cabinet members endorsed the troop dispatch, which Seoul officials say will promote national interests and further boost military and economic ties with the oil-rich country.
The UAE requested the troop dispatch in August, expressing hope that it wants to train world-class special warfare troops with assistance from South Korea.

The Koreans will be based in Al Ain, which seems like a rather nice place. Definitely a step up from Arbil, Bagram and the Lebanon. It even has two ice hockey teams.

Something I learned today — UAE troops have been operating in Afghanistan. And for quite some time, apparently:

Oh, and some ROK Special Forces promotional stuff: