Socially Uplifting Blog Content of the Day

  • aaronm

    Thanks for the heads up. Mokdong was one of my old neighborhoods, even if for just a few months, but not a bad area of Seoul to stay in.

  • Edvenchers

    The trip to Geumjeong Mountain Fortress was taken 2010/08/08.

  • chiamattt

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, watermarking photos is ridiculous. I couldn’t even enjoy those photos. Why do people think watermarking photos is necessary? What’s the point? If I really really really wanted to, I could just crop that retarded egotystical shit out and still have basically the same photo; unless you’re as gigantically egotystical as elizadele, who simply watermarks over the entire image. Yeah, good job. Like someone is going to steal your shot of a dry cleaner, sell it to LIFE, and win the Pulitzer Prize.

    I’m so glad rjkoehler stopped doing that on his photography blog.

  • dinkus maximus

    Continued to the more deplorable and less uplifting blog content of the day…but far more entertaining:

    Mr. Wonderful’s opinions on China (minus expletives)

    The F5Waegs attempts to gain traffic

    The Prestige’s Interview with An Ajusshi

    “The Todd” declaring his intentions to come back to Korea – exactly what this nation needs more of:

  • valkilmerisiceman

    Agree with Chiamattt a million percent. Watermarking looks awful on photos. Always, no matter where it is placed.

  • Granfalloon

    I won’t say ALL watermarks are awful, but THOSE certainly are. They wreck what otherwise might have been decent shots. But at least the bloggers can rest comfortably knowing that no one will pirate their photos of the stacked plastic chairs sitting outside mokfuck station.

  • CactusMcHarris


    I almost blew a load of tea on the monitor, but that would have ruined the adjosshi moment I was having….