I’m still disappointed with Medal of Honor‘s single player campaign, but the multiplayer part is pretty good, even if seems a bit too favorable to snipers.

Oddly, the single player and multiplayer sections were done by two different companies using two different engines, the latter (and superior part, IMHO) being handled by DICE using the Frostbite engine. Accordingly, it looks and plays a lot like Battlefield Bad Company II, which I really, really liked, although admittedly, this is partly due to it being the only multiplayer shooter I don’t get completely schooled in.

Of course, if you’re USFK, you might have to look off-base to find it, as it has apparently been banned from sale on US military facilities. Not sure why British Defense Secretary Liam Fox felt the need to weigh in on it, though — unlike Call of Duty, there’s not a single Brit in the game.