OK, perhaps Medal of Honor ain’t so shitty after all

I’m still disappointed with Medal of Honor‘s single player campaign, but the multiplayer part is pretty good, even if seems a bit too favorable to snipers.

Oddly, the single player and multiplayer sections were done by two different companies using two different engines, the latter (and superior part, IMHO) being handled by DICE using the Frostbite engine. Accordingly, it looks and plays a lot like Battlefield Bad Company II, which I really, really liked, although admittedly, this is partly due to it being the only multiplayer shooter I don’t get completely schooled in.

Of course, if you’re USFK, you might have to look off-base to find it, as it has apparently been banned from sale on US military facilities. Not sure why British Defense Secretary Liam Fox felt the need to weigh in on it, though — unlike Call of Duty, there’s not a single Brit in the game.

  • Craash

    Because of this, I will go out and purchase both Medal of Honor and Battlefield Bad Company II.

    My kid is sick of playing Call of Duty and needs more games to stop him from complaining.

  • Avaast

    Fallout: New Vegas is relatively entertaining, although it suffers from the flaws that afflicted the previous incarnation (bizarre enemy AI, reputation exploitation, and a whole host of bugs). Despite these faults, it’s still good to burn a few hours with~

  • http://www.eatyourkimchi.com eatyourkimchi

    I can’t play FPS games. I don’t know why, but they give me headaches and make me want to vomit. Give me a JRPG, though, and I’ll rip through it…but still want to vomit.

  • Jieun K

    FPS games are fun. I’ve had the experience of playing Counter-Strike.

    they give me headaches and make me want to vomit.

    Oh, I know that sensation.

    In a Web post titled Video Game-induced Nausea, Dizziness and Headaches, the writer points out four possible factors, although I have only the faintest idea of what he’s talking about:

    1. Nausea Caused by Aggressive Camera Centering / Fighting

    2. Nausea Caused by No Y-Axis Inversion Option

    3. Dizziness Caused by First Person Bobbing While Walking

    4. Nausea Caused by the X-Factor – Possibly Frame Rate

    For those interested, the post can be found at:

  • http://vmphotography.com.au hoju_saram

    I’m partial to Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well. What other game lets you drive tanks, fly helicopters and demolish buildings?

    On a related note, wasn’t there talk a while back on the ROK banning Steam?

  • http://wetcasements.wordpress.com wetcasements

    Dude, it’s all about Dead Rising 2.

  • Jieun K

    On a related note, wasn’t there talk a while back on the ROK banning Steam?

    Naver news search results in this article dated Sept. 7, among others. It concludes as:

    결론이 어떻게 나든 당장 스팀서비스를 차단하는 극단적인 결과가 나올 가능성은 거의 없어 보인다.
    Source: http://www.zdnet.co.kr/ArticleView.asp?artice_id=20100906112901

    Looks like the chance of Steam getting banned in the immediate future is slim.

  • Bipolar Mindscrew

    wetcasements: Dead Rising 2 kicks ass. Had to get my brother to gift it to me on Steam (since it’s banned/blocked in Korea)… haven’t had so much fun since the original Dead Rising. How can you improve on killing zombies? By using crazy home-made weapons, of course.

  • http://www.biblegateway.com setnaffa

    Wasn’t this banned from US bases because the player could choose to be a Tango?

  • http://wetcasements.wordpress.com wetcasements

    I was pleasantly surprised to find DR2 for my Korean Xbox at a game-store.

    It can be frustrating at times, but if you liked the first one you should pick it up.