Alexander Melnikov is coming to Seoul on November 11, 8pm, at Seoul Arts Center and, in addition to Schubert and late Brahms, will be performing the Preludes and Fugues of Shostakovitch (Op. 87), which he recently recorded on Harmonia Mundi.  His recording of the Shostakovitch is the ultimate recording of a wonderful piece of music that is not performed that often.  Tickets can be bought now at and  For English speakers, call 010-3817-7214.  As in the past, I would especially recommend this recital to those that love music and the piano; the guy is one of the best pianists of our time.

Here is one of the preludes of Shostakovitch (D Major) and the fugue.  I love how Melnikov makes the prelude sound as if he were improvising instead of reading a score!  Here is also a youtube blurb on his recording of this music.