Remember Yinghua Academy is Minneapolis? It’s a charter school that teaches Mandarin Chinese immersion style and was featured in Time Magazine not too long ago. Other Asian languages (including Korean) are taught in other U.S. elementary schools as discussed here before.

Well people, welcome to Sejong Academy of Minnesota, a proposed charter school modeled after Yinghua and, you guessed it, teaches a curriculum involving immersion in the Korean language. According to the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

Sejong Academy board president Grace Lee said that while the most common types of families interested in this school would be Koreans or Korean adoptees (Minnesota is the biggest adopter in the United States, and second in the world in Korean adoptions), there’s another audience as well.

“South Korea is the tenth largest economy in the world,” so any family wanting their child to be global and bilingual could consider Sejong Academy. For example, “Samsung and LG have offices all over the world,” Lee said. “We truly plan to offer a diverse and global citizen experience.”

Well, South Korea is currently the 13th or 15th largest economy, not the 10th, but okay.