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Baekdu-daegan Interview on Arirang TV tonite

Korea-trekker-extraordinaire Roger Shepherd is the guest on the “Heart to Heart” interview program of Arirang TV, tonight (Tuesday) at 9:30 PM.  Of course he’ll be talking about our new book, the Baekdu-daegan Trail Guidebook.   Nice to get some more coverage.  Afterwards, this episode will be available on the VOD (video on demand) service of Arirang TV’s website.

This coming Sunday he’ll arrive at Sogni-san (National Park) to finish his weeks-long slog through the humidity all the way up the Geumbuk-jeongmaek Range, from the West Coast to the center of South Korea.  I understand that some videographers or photographers will be waiting for him there, to record the achievement.  How he does it in this kinda weather, I’ll never know…