Our new Baekdu-daegan Trail Hiking Guidebook is doing well at the outset, with good sales and responses. I’ve started a page of reviews, interviews and quoted comments to collect them in one place, which is here. If you know of another media-sighting of it, or have one and are willing to have your feedback posted, please send to me at mtnwolf at gmail dot com. Any problems or mistakes you find, or suggestions for the 2nd Edition, pass along or post in the comments here.

We still have plenty of copies signed by all us creators, so get one while they last if you haven’t. Please help us spread the word about this breakthrough in the globalization of mountain-hiking knowledge about Korea, to all that might be interested… Post these links on any blogs, sites etc related to Korea that would be appropriate — and tell your friends — Thanks!

By the way — the “Seoul Book of Everything” was published by the STO & etc, a pretty stylish & useful intro to what’s worthwile to know-about & do in this megalopolis — not at all a rival to Robert K’s wonderful Seoul Guide, but kinda complimentary to it. And it’s free from some tourism info-outlets! The covers and my two blurbs in it are posted here. I gamely picked the Top-5 Buddhist Temples and Top-5 mountains of Seoul — go ahead and dispute my choices / suggest your own in the Comments here.

And hey — a Buddhist Sanshin with the Daoist Eight Immortals Painting! New and Weird. AND, an antique Yongho-do Dragon-Tiger / Mountain-Water 8-panel folding-screen Painting! How i spend my rainy Saturdays…