We have seen the warrior “adjoshis”, driving bongo trucks, fighting their arch-nemesis (the mosquito) but, other than teaching people about how to keep mosquitoes away by taking sensible actions, there are new, fanciful ways to keep the bugs away that does not include dosing everyone with diesel fuel and poison.

It turns out that a simple fan can do the trick.  For those more violently inclined (God knows I am lately), there is the “mosquito death-fan” — a very Korean way of killing the bug which seems to work well fairly well and is not expensive.

Now, thanks to the wisdom and vision of Ronald Reagan and his laser defense system, Intellectual Ventures Lab has a remarkable “Star-wars”-style defense that uses lasers to burn the wings off of the bugs, sending their little unshriven souls to mogi-hell. The parts for this device are actually inexpensive and quite feasible.  IVL originally was investigating ways to deal with Malaria when they went in this direction for a solution.

If thinking about lasers or Reagan makes your brain hurt, this clever German invention will burn all of the mosquito and probably leave big brown spots on your wall but then your landlord will have to repaint anyway.