Chris Cross, the lead designer of the upcoming shooter “Homefront,” is half-Korean. He also apparently thinks a North Korean invasion of Migukland is not as unthinkable as we might believe:

IGN AU: Let’s talk about that for a minute. Are you concerned that the set-up might hit too close to home at times? That we’re taking advantage of a volatile situation for entertainment purposes?

Chris Cross: Well, every time North Korea makes the news, it makes me a little nervous. [laughs]

IGN AU: Well, sure – but I don’t want Homefront to play the race card, either.

Chris Cross: Yeah, and we’ll handle some of those topics in the game. Also—I’m half Korean! I understand the politics and mentality of what this future is. It’s a lot closer than we think and it’s unnerving, actually. We’re four events away from it actually being a reality.

IGN AU: It’s set some 20-odd years from now though, right?

Chris Cross: Sure, but Hitler managed to take over most of Europe in ten years. It just about having the right person at the wrong time and it can all go to hell. It’s an extremely plausible context. We have an analyst – and we can’t mention his name or who he used to work for – actually outline it for us. Like I said, we’re about three or four major events away from something like this happening. If this was done in the 1940s, we’d be talking about Germany and this would be a World War II game. It’d be the same situation.

North Korea has the fourth largest standing army in the world and the largest Special Forces unit in the world. And that’s assuming they don’t take over South Korea; start a new Pan-Asian alliance.

Um… OK.

PS: The next Ghost Recon looks dope: