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    ~ Wolverines!

  • hamel

    1:27 Korean annexation expands? H0ly sh1t!

    Who wrote this game? Pawikirogii?

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    No… baduk.

  • PeterDownUnder

    lol i bet the screenwriters were just loving the cheonan spectacle that was happening recently. Gave them more background story to work on. With the new attention on korea these days i really wonder if they’ll start making more korea related entertainment products. Korean War band of brothers 3, Saving private Kim, maybe the next iron man or transformers might happen in north korea lol, just a food for thought…

  • PeterDownUnder

    just gonna spice up this blog…
    noticed the youtube clips have a major discussion going on about the plausibility of such fiction so…heres my imo

    IF…as stated in the game the US does fall as a superpower…IF
    and it lets such a unified korea run amok in the pacific…it is plausible…

    the arguments on the youtube sites were that korea would never be able to that without foreign intervention…but if it weren’t for the American hegemony i doubt many other nations would step up to the cause

    EU, couldn’t care less, India, couldn’t careless, Russia couldn’t care less, China maybe, but if Korea did have nukes, and no longer had the US nor Japan to sabre rattlle, China i doubt would trigger anything that would destabilise their own regime, and would seek to benefit from such imperialist ally without making itself a target. The possibility of Japan being annexed is plausible since, if ANY korean imperialist ambition, besides manchuria which is more of an ANCIENT irredentism, that holds no significant relevance to modern politics, thus Japan would be prime target.

    Japan without US backing, faced with a nuclear Korea threatening total destruction, same ending to WWII, this time you don’t even need a hiroshima, they full know what a nuclear bomb is, would surrender much like the end of WWII.

    Summary, without US hegemony, and such a unified Greater Korea with imperialist ambition behind a cult of personality, it is plausible.

    How China might play is a variable, probably THE variable. If oil prices soar as such in the video, Russia stands to benefit most, and Russia would focus on Central Asia to Eastern Europe. EU is irrelevant, and maybe without US hegemony Germany would rise once again. India has their own focus in South Asia. China, is the variable. But you gotta consider nuclear deterrence, as well as the fact that such a scenario may not HARM but prob benefit China if they were allied, (e.g. in Crysis China is apparently the major supplier of high tech weaponry to NorK for 1 example)

    Another case would be, would Korea unite under a cult of personality from the North? maybe. IF, lets say since we know nothing about the successor. IF he turned out to be a mad charismatic ruler, that would lift the North out of poverty by cooperating FULLY with the South on economic development, without dumping 20 million refugees. By allowing the South to prosper independently, whilst benefiting from the construction boom as well as the cheap labor and resources of the North, he would gain favor down south. And then MAYBE, IF, such a pristine perfect synergy of a unification was proposed after the North was ‘redeveloped’ to an extent that the South stood to benefit, maybe it could happen.

    If the next leader of the North allowed northern economic development through synergy, and turned out to be one Hell of a charismatic leader. At the end of the day if he proposed a unification after awhile, maybe such a unification may happen. I doubt any korean would object to unification under such conditions. The dude would have a messianic status in the North, and would at the least be ‘liked’ down south. With the obvious brainwashed support from the north, and as a likeable character to the south, even under a democratic vote this unification may happen.

    Please don’t e-thug e-warrior my post, lol just bored and thought to put a little input.

    Discuss and dissect as much i look forward to other inputs and perhaps i will see some very interesting posts that would make me make some more posts. Cheers

  • seouldout

    Listen bud, these folks can’t even hang wallpaper right.

  • dogbertt

    Keep your Gold membership up!

  • Seth Gecko


    thanks for the read!

  • Ledtim

    Too much effort spent on analyzing a game that has North Korea as the bad guy only because the developers don’t want to piss off China.

  • Granfalloon

    This is a perfect example of the key problem faced by game and movie makers in the past two decades as they try to make products for American audiences. Namely, Americans love the underdog (think the original “Star Wars” trilogy), but with the collapse of the Soviet Union, there’s really no one who can realistically match America. Even Jihadist terror fails on this point: it’s well-fed, brawny American boys who have unlimited ammo and can see in the dark hunting scrawny Islamic radicalists who can’t find a decent job. From a dramatic standpoint, it’s just not the same as Rambo.

    So they deal with it mostly through sci-fi and fantasy. Notice how many threats to America in the post-Cold War world came from outer space? Aliens, asteroids, whatever. The unspoken subtext was: no one on Earth can actually challenge American power.

    But everyone loves some good geo-political intrigue, hence games like this. However, even in 2010, when American decline seems more plausible then ever, it’s still a bit of a stretch. Maybe in another ten years or so, if America continues to do everything wrong, and certain Asian powers continue to do everything right, Americans will finally get their realistic underdog story. Although, t’s a lot less romantic being the underdog when you got there through your own incompetence.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    Korea cannot do this. But, China can.

    China was in VietNam. China saved Kim IlSung and is keeping Kim JongIl in power. China will eat up Japan, maybe through United Korea.

    Just substitute “Korea” with “China”.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    What did America do wrong? What did certain Asian powers do right?

    America is not in decline. Apple makes the best technological products in the world. Google, IBM, Microsoft, Boeing, etc… American dollar has become so powerful with Euro hitting dirt that the Fed has to print out more dollar to reduce currency value. This is why America keeps asking China to raise its currency value.

    China and America are in win-win situation. America buys Chinese products made with cheap labor and they buy Fed notes to keep America float. Win-win situation for both countries.

    America in too much debt? Well, people all around the world like to own dollar and the US Fed notes. So, let them. If your buddies are willing to loan you money at very low rates, why not? You can use the money to educate your children, buy other countries’ industries, buy oil to run factories(while keeping your oil for future generations), develop key high tech industries, etc.

    If the debt gets really too high, just sell Alaska to Japan. This will pay off entire debt. The US Forces will be stationed to keep Alaska from Russian attack.

    The beauty of this plan is that the US can buy back Alaska for a dime for a dollar a few years later, when the China-Japan war will break out.

    America is on the roll. All nay-sayers can move to other countries. The US is on the right track and do not have any problem that you describe.

  • http://koreanamerican431.blogspot.com/ baduk

    I misread your post. You were saying the same thing I wrote.

    America is not in decline at all. Actually, for last thirty years, the US got stronger and better, in all aspects.

    America, the beautiful.

  • Granfalloon

    Indeed, while wedefinitely disagree on the specifics, we seem to agree in general. I believe that at the moment, America is in danger of decline, but it’s hardly the foregone conclusion that some people seem to think. My greatest frustration at the moment is saying this to people, and having them right me off as a blind American nationalist (my friends back home would laugh at the notion that anyone would consider me a nationalist).

    However, even if America can avoid decline, the new playing field will be different. I agree with Fareed Zakaria when he talks about “the rise of the rest.” China and India, if they continue to make the good decisions that they have been making in latter years, and can deal with the social upheaval that comes with their recent good fortune, will be major players in the 21st century. America will not be able to dictate policy in Asia as they see fit. This is not necessarily a bad thing (though it could be!), but it will change the way the game is played.

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  • Acropolis7

    It would be more plausible to make a game depecting Belgium taking over China.

  • Acropolis7

    Or at least, as plausible than this. Then again as forementioned, the entertainment industry has found the new “bad guy” of countries to step into the limelight.

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