Baekdu-daegan Event at Mungyeong 6/10

What might turn out to be a pleasant, interesting and spectacular sortta Event, for those into the mountains and their history / culture, is being held by the Korea Forest Research Institute on Thursday June 10th, with some after-activities the next day.  It will be an outdoor public Seminar and tourism-publicity-event about the Baekdu-daegan, the gigantic mountain-system “Spine of Korea”, its cultural history and natural ecology, and the Trail now running 735 km along its crest within the ROK (from Jiri-san up past Seorak-san).  Free of cost, including RT transport from Seoul.

This will be held under the open sky up at the Jo-ryeong Pass Third Gate in Mungyeong-Saejae Provincial Park, right on the crest!   Way up-there, with fantastic views.  They have gotten a great response of interest, and are now expecting hundreds of people to attend, with some amount of media coverage.  Overall theme: “Historical Significance and Traditional Knowledge of the Baekdu-daegan”.  Early-afternoon speakers besides myself will include the famed poet Ko Un and Director-General Shin of the Korea Forest Research Institute.  Eco-biology-oriented activities will follow.

The KFRI will provide buses for everyone, leaving from their HQ in Dongdaemun-gu (between Kyung Hee and Korea Universities), leaving at 8:30am, and then back to Seoul afterwards, arriving back by 9pm or so.  Lunch provided for all, and there is no cost.

If you want to go, write to my gmail dot com address mtnwolf, ASAP.  Post any Qs in responses here, and i’ll post more details.

Some core participants will stay overnight in the Suanbo Hot Springs, and tour cool locales of Yecheon County on Friday, before returning to Seoul.  Let me know if you’re interested in this option.

Journalists, whether pro or part-timers, are most-especially welcome.

Shortly after this event, the Baekdu-daegan Trail Hiking Guidebook (by Roger Shepherd & Andrew Douch, with me) will at last be published by Seoul Selection, after 3.5 years work.  Watch our sites for announcements and ordering details.  The Mungyeong event will be a good opportunity to promote it in advance, and network with all kinds of mountain-lovers here.

Another note from my little corner of the K  — the 2010 “World Tea Festival” Exposition opens at COEX this Thursday the 3rd, and runs until Sun the 6th.  Great chance to observe aspects of Han-guk Chado (and plenty from China & etc, too) and stock-up on high-quality green, yellow, red and herbal teas — and bowls, tea-sets, tables and other traditional tea-wares.  The site in Korean… and English here.

  • R. Elgin

    Thank you so much for reminding me. I need to get more tea. This is when I stock up on Jiri-san teas. If anyone goes to the expo, please remember that they want cash and not plastic.

  • sewing

    I wish I could be there. The third gate of Joryeong Pass (鳥嶺第三關門, if memory serves correct) is one of the most beautiful spots in all of Korea, especially if you’ve just done the climb from the south entrance to the park. On my one trip there with my father-in-law, we were there on a crisp autumn day with deep blue skies and the leaves changing colour.

  • McGenghis

    Is this connected in any way to the ole 전죽 일주? I’m thinking of taking a month or twain in the summer to see what Korea has to offer beyond the interwebs.

  • sanshinseon

    McGenghis, either I don’t know or I’m not remembering what the 전죽 일주 is — help me out?

    Sewing — yup, it’s a real pretty place, with stunning views. That park is always worth visiting… We went to the Tea Bowl Festival that is held there every May, and it was a great experience.

    Elgin is right about the Tea World Expo — bring plenty of cash with you for stocking up on tea, utensils and treasures — few of the vendors seem to take credit cards.

  • sanshinseon

    The meeting place for the buses to take people down there is the Korea Forest Research Institute headquarters, 57 Hoegi-ro, Cheong-ryang-ri-dong (Cheongnyangnidong) of Dongdaemun-gu — Hoegi-ro is the main street running between Kyung Hee and Korea Universities. Be there by 8am! Bringing your own snacks and a full water-bottle would be wise. For taxi and map-finding, it’s the 국립산림과학원 or “Gungnip Sanrim Gwahagwon”.
    Website in Korean:
    Website in English:

  • sanshinseon

    Welcome. Ah, i envy you being there — this is wonderful season / weather to explore Hadong and Sancheong counties, so rich with culture…

  • sanshinseon

    Tentative Schedule

    Time Content Place Remark

    ❍ First Day (June 10)

    08:30~11:20 Departure from KFRI HQ → Mungyeong Saejae Pass Parking Lot Bus
    11:20~11:50 Move/ Working Old Road
    11:50~12:50 Lunch Restaurant

    12:50~13:00 Opening Ceremony Joryeong 3rd Gate KFRI

    13:00~13:30 Mountain System of Baekdu-daegan and Traditional Forests Joryeong 3rd Gate Shin, Joon Hwan

    13:30~14:20 Baekdu-daegan, From Korea To the World Joryeong 3rd Gate David A. Mason

    14:20~15:00 Fundamental Search for the Baekdu-daegan Joryeong 3rd Gate Poet Koun

    15:00~17:40 Forest Vegetation Succession and Biotope paddy field KFRI
    Forest Fire Memorial Stone KFRI
    Forest Restoration Scar of Pine-tree KFRI
    Relic area Gyegu-jeong

    17:40~18:00 Performance and Farewell Wonteo Beverage

    18:00~18:30 Move Suanbo Hot Spring Bus
    18:30~18:50 Room Check in Hotel
    18:50~20:50 Dinner Suanbo Restaurant
    22:50~ Free Time Hotel

    ❍ Second Day (June 11)

    08:00~08:50 Breakfast restaurant
    08:50~09:30 Move to Yongmun Bus
    09:30~10:30 Discussion Geumdangsil Forest

    10:30~11:00 Move to Yonggung Bus
    11:00~12:00 Discussion Hoeryongpo Observation
    11:20~12:30 Move

    12:30~13:30 Lunch Mungyeong-si
    13:30~16:30 Departure to KFRI in Seoul Bus

  • sanshinseon

    Just home from that 2-day event in the big mountains. It went very well, tho featured more walking thru the Pass than i was prepared for. Less people there than i’d hoped, maybe under 200. Good times with old friends and some new ones, including a trad Korean-style soju-drinking party over delicious wild phesant meat feast… It was great to meet Ko Un, Korea’s famous poet, who seemed to love my speech; we posed for many photos together. I gave half-a-dozen media interviews, which will be broadcast this weekend. We succeeded in raising the Baekdu-daegan’s profile a bit!