I recommend that those who want to learn Korean through K Dramas and those who want to watch a good drama in general watch 인생은 아름다워 (Life is Beautiful) currently running on SBS (Sat/Sun Evening). I’ve only seen a couple of episodes but it’s a gentle family drama set in Jejudo written by 김수현씨 Kim Suhyeon, the original queen of Korean dramas, and she rarely disappoints. I don’t think any of her dramas have made onto the Hallyu boat, but she is the undisputed queen of penning dialogues and much loved amongst the Korean crowd.

I believe it’s the first time that a gay relationship is introduced in a main, primetime Korean drama. By that I don’t mean a man pretending to be gay like in 개인의 취향 (Personal Preference), another good drama currently running with Son Yejin and Lee Minho who are both good actors, but this drama would appeal to the younger crowd, as it borders on the unrealistic sugar-coated side with pretty sets and pretty actors, you know, for the Full House fans.

Those who are into Japanese dramas, might find 검사 프린세스 (Prosecutor Princess) to their taste. It’s a bit annoying at the beginning, with the manga setting, of exaggerated Legally Blond theme, but it does get better with an intriguing storyline and the main character does endear herself as the story develops. This msg board where people leave opinions have recently been flooded with angry viewers complaining that the drama paints the prosecutors with a good brush.

My mother tells me 신데렐라 언니(Cinderella Sister) with 문근영 and 서우 are good too. I believe her because 문근영 is a good actress.

Note to the naysayers and complainers, this post is not completely irrelevant to the macho geopolitical and boobs theme of this blog because I believe Korean dramas are already playing a role in improving the image of Korea and appealing to the (younger) Western audience as well (as the Asians).

Korean lesson of the Day:
막장드라마 (Makjang deurama) = Drama with preposterous storyline where anything goes. Describes about 80 percent of low-quality Korean dramas where themes such as revenge, birth secrets and affairs get played out with a liberal dose of amnesia, terminal illness, car accidents etc. Hopefully this is on the decline.