I’ve just started a new weekly series in the Korea Times, every Friday, on the 30 greatest Icons (artworks, temples, masters, whatever) of Korean Buddhism, sponsored by the Jogye Order — to be collectively published as a book that’ll be distributed at the Seoul G-20 Summit in November (plenty of journalists will be there, hungry for stories?). Hopefully, this’ll add to the quality-upgrading that the KT has been trying to attain…  However, i won’t be writing all 30 of these essays — other writers will be recruited for some of the more esoteric topics.

The first of my articles, “Seokgur-am: Korea’s Supreme Grotto” is now online here.    The second one, on the Tripitaka Koreana this time, is printed in today’s edition (run, run! there may be a copy left at yer local 24-super!) and up on the KT site here.  Worthy subjects as the first two choices, eh?

If you find and mistakes, omissions or mis-interpretations, i’d be pleased to discuss them in the comments here.  These essays are not “complete”, as the KT only wanted 800 words on each, and i went 50% over on these two so far — sheesh, a thick book could be written about Seokgur-am alone…

By the way, i never did post here last November, Newsweek Korea had their 20th-Anniv Issue, and there was a feature-series (in Korean) on “Expats Who Have Gotten Off the Boat and Totally Lost Their Minds”  — at least i think that’s the translation, you more-fluent-than-i can check it.  Some of the pages (on me and some of mah homies) were posted on my site.  Only mystery here is, WHY wasn’t Sir Marmot included in this?  Maybe “too obvious a choice”…??