According to the Korea Times:

Korea is becoming an “angry society,” where killing people in a fit of rage is no longer a rare crime and other crimes of passion are increasingly becoming commonplace.

How angry?

According to the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, the number of crimes motivated by anger towards daily life has increased significantly over the past five years.

The office categorized 37,671 cases reported in 2005 as crimes perpetrated “out of a sudden loss of temper.” The figure rose to 101,670 in 2006 and 123,401 the following year. It reached a record high of 159,833 in 2008, the latest data available.


“Koreans are particularly vulnerable to vexation in daily life,” said Dr. Woo Jong-min, a psychiatrist at Paik Hospital in Seoul. “They don’t know how to wisely quell and vent anger. They have learned how to compete at their schools and workplaces, but never learned how to relax and vent their frustrations.”