Remember the ticket collectors on the Korean buses in the past?  It seems that they are still in use on Daewoo’s bus service in Pakistan and the recent rape there, at least according to Daewoo-Pakistani Bus Company’s CEO, C.I. Kim(slow to load), is an indication of the prevailing law and order (I think disorder would have been more appropriate) in Pakistan.  He has generously agreed to pay restitution to the young woman and pay her hospital expenses.  Mr. Kim has called upon the Pakistani government to protect not only his employees but the passengers as well.

An article reporting the rape said:

“This is the first incident of its kind since Daewoo launched its service way back in the mid-90s. The apathy shown by the Daewoo van driver and the security guard accompanying the unfortunate girl to her house late night was said to have actually facilitated her kidnapping and subsequent rape as both men did not challenge the boys when the helpless girl was being dragged out the van in front of their eyes. According to investigation conducted by The News, a 20-year old matriculate girl (her name is being withheld as per the newspaper’s policy) had completed her night duty at around 12am (Sunday). As per routine, a gunman and a driver were dispatched to drop her at home. As their van left the Daewoo bus terminal, a car started chasing them. After travelling some distance, a young boy got out of his car and asked the driver to stop the van. The boy was holding a gun in his hand and he made the driver and the gunman sit quietly. He took the girl out of the van and made her sit in the car, which his friend was driving. “