Korea Through Western Eyes 

Yes, I know, it is a shameless plug but……what can I say?  It has been no easy matter in getting this book out (the other one seems to have been a lot easier in comparison) and there are many people I owe thanks – many of them are Marmot’s Hole readers – and this is as good as place as any for me to express my appreciation.  I would also like to thank my co-author Cheong Sung-hwa for his great patience (he needed it) and his attention to detail – especially when it came to the footnotes.  There were times that I am sure we each harbored murderous thoughts for one another but he taught me a great deal and for this I am indeed thankful.

Hope some of you purchase it but remember – I cry easily. 

Suggestion to the Marmot – there should be another category – “shameless plugs.”