Say, speaking of “Mounts of Ears,” guess what the latest trend is among the young ladies of Japan? Well, many Japanese women are now looking for men who exhibit stronger characteristics demonstrated in, uh… Japan’s past. In what could be a tacit revolt against the rise of “girly” and “wimpy” men of Japan’s pop culture, many of today’s Japanese women are looking to the past for inspiration.

Now, would these be Confucian scholars and bureaucrats? No. Would they perhaps be Meji reformers or great industrialists like Masaru Ibuka or Kiichiro Toyoda? Uh, no. Today’s Japanese young ladies are looking to the samurai warriors of old as an example of men who exhibit the “strong” characteristics they often see lackingย in today’s men. This latest trend is called “Reki-jo” or “history girls.”

A favorite? Why, none other then Imjin War Scourge of God himself, Katล Kiyomasa. BBC Video link here. Youtube (via JapanProbe) link here.