Korean weapons and armor in the 1860s

That is right – time for the fourth part. Never really planned on doing this article in a series but…..

In this part Chaille-Long finally glimpses what he had come to the island to see –

“Mounted on little ponies I beheld 200 or more men holding in their hands, each, a banner or flag on which was inscribed some strange device. Their dress consisted of a complete coat of mail, whilst on their heads they wore a round copper or brass helmet surmounted with a heavy spike. From the helmet a curtain of plated leather fell upon the shoulders, and down over the faces of the warriors themselves a mass of long black hair straggled in disorder, lending to the great black eyes, set in faces bronzed to a mahogany hue, an expression of brutality, anything but pleasant to the sight. Covered with dust and clothed in a dress several centuries old, what wonder that I started as at a ghostly apparition of what seemed a detach-ment from the armies of Genghis and Kublai Khan…”

You can read the article here – Part Four

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