The Chaebol are too Big!

Hey, that’s what I kind of said here and here.  Well, maybe Moon Ihlwan over at BusinessWeek read my thread?

Any ways, in the BusinessWeek article in question Moon Ihlwan makes the case that the Chaebol’s sheer size might be stiffling the emergence and growth of smaller and more innovative companies.

While the chaebol unquestionably have fueled the country’s growth in recent decades, they’re so powerful that they may be hampering innovation and threatening Korea’s continued economic success. “With the chaebol‘s deepening influence hurting fair competition with suppliers and startups, the country risks losing its economic dynamism,” worries economist Kim Sang Jo of the Economic Reform Research Institute, an independent policy group.

More here.

  • NetizenKim

    I think the article belabors the point about Chaebol being too big. Hasn’t this been already known for years? Are they just realizing this now? It doesn’t discuss much, though, about how the government plans on remedying the situation.

  • cmm

    Chaebols are awesome. Thanks to a chaebol, I am provided housing, furniture, utility expenses, transportation (to and from work), salary, girl friend, and free meals (at work). Pretty much everything. How could I not like chaebols?

  • cmm

    or perhaps I should be scared.

  • WangKon936

    Girl friend? You are issued one with your housing or… you just happen to have met her at the office?

  • seouldout

    Hey, that’s what I kind of said here and here.

    Is the metropolitician posting as wangkon? Same shameless self-puffery, but 1287 paragraphs fewer.

    The chaebols-are-too-big story has been a recurring one for more than two decades, Ms. Cleo.

  • cmm

    The latter, though the former would have saved some time searching. So I guess I can’t technically directly credit chaebol for that one, but at this point, considering I get everything else from them (save soju), it’s become a joke amongst us.

  • WangKon936

    Same shameless self-puffery, but 1287 paragraphs fewer.

    That’s hilarious seouldout.