Jahan Alamzad with CA Advisors , a management consulting firm in San Jose, California, has been giving some advice to Korea on economic growth.  He authored a KT opinion piece in December 2008 talking about the good aspects of Korea’s economic characteristics.

Yesterday, Jahan writes another KT opinion piece on some of Korea’s economic flaws.  Per the article:

[In the December 2008 article]… some thought I was excessively complimentary and that I ignored shortcomings that any society would have. One called it “an advertisement for Korea.”

Yet, for the sake of being even-handed, it behooves me to underline the impediments as well. In that piece, I left it as “challenges remain,” but elaborating a tad would make sense and relieve the fear of being biased.

Essentially, Jahan says that Korea’s problems are ones of economic inclusivness, a focus on a lot of activity rather than efficiency, lack of innovation and industrial diversification, etc.

Interesting article for which on the basic points, I agree with.