• tab

    You, of course, realize that every ESL teacher will go through this book desperately hoping to find some minor grammar mistake to berate you with in desperate attempt to assure themselves of their superiority.
    Itโ€™s enough to make me suspect that perhaps all of that ‘anti’ English teacher sentiment was merely a ploy to boost the sale of your book.

  • hardyandtiny

    I’ll buy one.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936

    U.S. distribution? $40 shipping and handling is a little steep… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • R. Elgin

    I will probably end up buying several. The layout looks good too. Nice job Robert.

  • bjgger

    Will this be available as an e-book?

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936


    I don’t know how you did it, but you somehow made the Grand Turd of Cheonggyecheon look cool…

  • http://www.tomcoyner.com Tom Coyner

    Having had the opportunity to flip through the book last night, I would place it on a “must buy” list for anyone visiting or living in Seoul. Kudos to you and your staff, Robert!

  • http://www.fighteeng.com fighteeng

    Cool! I’m going to pick one up! Always great to get a more entertaining and objective perspective from a westerner who has lived here for many years than the thinly veiled propaganda material from the ministry of tourism.

  • iampedro

    So I bought a copy at my local Bandi & Luni’s (it wasn’t a big store so it had a tiny foreign language section – still had this book though) and skimmed through it. So far it’s a great book, well organized and laid out, with great pictures and a huge amount of information. I especially liked the “history and culture” bits spread throughout the book. I’ve already learned a great deal, it was well worth the purchase imo.

  • CactusMcHarris


    Unfortunately, I don’t anticipate going to Korea any time soon (my wife’s not afflicted with the Eastern Fever as I am) but if I were, your book would be requited reading for my visit to the ROK.

  • south_jeolla_blues

    I bought your guidebook this weekend. It is really nicely done. Congratulations! I will be buying a few more copies as gifts.

  • http://rjkoehler.com Robert Koehler

    Thanks to you guys who bought the book this weekend. And thanks, Tom, for the kind words, both here and in your newsletter, which I read this morning.