Ask a Korean posts a Q&A about a subject close to my heart — dog meat.

As something of an expert on this subject, however, I would like to correct one thing:

Q: Is dog meat considered a gourmet delicacy?
A: No. It is traditionally a peasant food, and was never considered high-end. Reflecting this status, you would have to get out to the poorer outskirts of Seoul to encounter a good dog meat dish.

Regardless of whether dog meat was originally a peasant food or not, it’s not anymore. Now, it’s a straight-up boyangsik. It’s not particularly cheap — a bowl of bosintang will run you about 10,000 won or more, while jeongol costs about 25,000 won a person. And nobody should have to get out to the poorer outskirts of Seoul to enjoy a good dog meat dish — one of the most famous dog meat restaurants (and a personal favorite of this humble blogger) is Ssarijib in the far-from-poor neighborhood of Pyeongchang-dong. President Lee Myung-bak, meanwhile, apparently sends the presidential bodyguard to buy his bosintang at a place in Segeomjeong.