• R. Elgin

    Lord . . . how many flavors does bad come in?

    I guess the producers could not find a better script to massacre. My mom would be a better actor than these guys and she hates knives.

  • Mizar5

    Why is this worthy of a movie?

  • cm

    Isn’t there an extradition treaty between the US and Korea? I thought there was, considering that I’ve read about a Korean American suspect being extradited back to the US last year. Why can’t Korea ask for Patterson’s extradition to face trial in Korea?

  • http://www.theync.com/media.php?name=10918-full-late-term KrZ

    Isn’t there an extradition treaty between the US and Korea

    Unfortunately ( ._.)

  • DLBarch

    The Korea-U.S. extradition treaty did not go into effect until 1999. Based on a quick reading of the agreement, I could not find any language regarding whether it applied retroactively to crimes that occurred before the treaty went into effect. Constitutionally, though, such ex post facto “bills of attainder” are generally not allowed.


  • SomeguyinKorea

    Speaking of extradition treaties with the US… They’ll use it to stick there nose where they shouldn’t… Just look at Marc Emery, a Canadian political and human rights activist who is facing 30 years in jail in the US for running a business for which he paid taxes in Canada. The US government pressed for his arrest. Heck, the Canadian government even allowed them to assist. Back in 2005, when he was arrested, he would have faced a very short sentence in Canada, if any at all. Nowadays, it’s unlikely that a Canadian judge would convict him.

  • Bipolar Mindscrew

    Someguy – I knew that name rang a bell. Cannabis activist and seed seller, Marc Emery… You make it sound like he’s a saint.

    He’s accused of selling marijuana in the US and money-laundering. It’s not clear why he’s being singled-out (as a Canuck?) when I’m sure other seed seller in Europe are just as guilty… Most of his (not yet finalized) five-year sentence will be served in Canada.

  • mateomiguel

    with that kind of broad interpretation of “Canadian political and human rights activist” anyone could practically be one. Heck, I think I qualify and I hate maple syrup and beavers.

  • mateomiguel

    at the risk of looking like wjk, i’m going to post twice. Everyone in this movie looks Korean. Is that what actually happened? Some Korean-Americans stabbed and killed a local Korean in Itaewon?

  • http://www.sperwerslog.com Sperwer

    Why can’t Korea ask for Patterson’s extradition to face trial in Korea?

    As DBCooper DLBarch notes, the extradition treaty was not in force at the time of the crime. Moreover, even were the treaty applicable, they’d have to find the guy – something that, depending on the wiliness of the defendant, can be very hard and expensive to do, especially in a place as big as the US – which, as any lawyer who’s worked in Korea can tell, numerous Korean felons have been to take advantage of over the years.

  • Koreansentry

    Blamed the incompetent Korean persecutor and judges. They are just clowns wasting tax payers money.

  • rampowers

    The film looks like crap acting (as is what happens in EVERY korean film where english/whitey is used).

    and Whitey isn’t vilified ^_^ First time for everything~

  • Jeff Harrison

    Man… Rashomon’s got nothing… NOTHING…on this film.