The Marmot covered this in his 2005 post “‘Ugly Koreans’ in Mongolia”, as well as Brian in Jeollanam-do last year, but apparently human trafficking is still increasing in Mongolia. Earlier this year, a Mongolian was charged with kidnapping as many as 100 Mongolian girls and selling them into the sex industry. Young girls, according to Sloan McMullen, a former member of an NGO group in Ulan Bator, are being kidnapped right off the streets of Ulan Bator and sexually exploited in hotel rooms. She seems to indicate the growing mining industry as part of the blame.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 Mongolian women and children are trafficked every year to various parts of China, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and the former country of Yugoslavia. Some women allow themselves to be trafficked into the sex industry, but others are lured with offers of good-paying jobs in massage parlors and night clubs or university scholarships. 

According to the Global Post, a 25 year-old using the name Nomin, read an ad in a Mongolian newspaper advertising scholarships to study in Korea. The requirements were a passport and a high school diploma and the lucky girls selected would have their tuition and cost of living paid for by the Korean university. Within a couple of weeks she and two other girls were given plane tickets for Korea by a Mongolian couple who claimed they worked for the university.

“When we arrived the couple told us it’s not a good time to enter university. They told us we had to work in a night-club until the semester starts,” says Nomin (not her real name), now 25, in a near whisper during an interview in an Ulan Bator parking lot. “Everybody was speaking Korean. We were wondering what was going on.”

They were eventually shipped to Jeju where they were allegedly locked in a small room, beaten and forced to prostitute themselves. They eventually escaped and made their way to Seoul and then back to Mongolia. According to the UB Post (Ulan Bator newspaper which copied the UHHCR report) South Korean and Japanese child sex tourist are visiting Mongolia in increasing numbers and using “TV Chat” (a method of sending text messages) to recruit their victims.

Despite the seriousness of the subject I did find some humor in one comment (there were only 3 comments and one of them was repeated twice) on this Mongolia Web page in which the delirious writer, Doloojin, noted in his fantasies that the South Koreans in Mongolia destroying the “clean blood society” were South Koreans deported from the United States. The US gets blamed for everything.

Of course, Mongolia can’t throw stones – it has been accused of its own human trafficking in regards to North Koreans… But as Prof. Lankov likes to say, “that’s another story.”