Is it even possible? 

Kim Soon-ja, 56 of Seoul thinks she has the answer. Always mindful of the smell when she packed kimchi for trips to Europe and elsewhere in the world, she wanted to find a solution that would be less odoriferous. Per the LAT, Ms. Kim has apparently developed a freeze-dried kimchi that has no smell, even when water is added! She is applying for a patent.

Per the article:

Yet in a nation that has set a goal of establishing its cuisine as among the world’s five most popular by 2017, kimchi’s odor has always been a stumbling block…

Kim, who has run her own kimchi factory since 1986, isn’t stopping with freeze-dried cabbage. She says the concept can be used in beer and wine, and for making such snacks as dried kimchi dipped in chocolate.

Good grief, why does the above article read like a Yangpa posting?  Anyways, kimchi flavored beer and wine? Perhaps some things are not meant to be made (or even contemplated).