Appearing on FOX, Henry Kissinger discussed the North Korean nuke issue with with Greta Van Susteren, claiming that North Korea represents a threat “in a symbolic sense”:

VAN SUSTEREN: I have been there, and it’s very different than the way we live. I will attest to that.

How dangerous is this situation to us?

KISSINGER: It’s dangerous in a symbolic sense, that if we are really committed to preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, as the president has stated repeatedly and eloquently, and if we can’t manage it in a region in which the country that’s proliferating has such limited resources and is surrounded by countries that are hostile to its intentions and then the ability to do it and other regions will diminish all the more.

And there will be an immediate impact on Japan and South Korea, and a longer-term impact in the Middle East. And so it is a very important issue for the world.

But we should not let ourselves get maneuvered in a position where we have to bear the entire responsibility for this. This is an issue for these six-power talks with a deadline and with a determination to bring it to a conclusion this time, and the conclusion has to be the destruction of the Korean nuclear weapons capability.

We have to remember that the North Koreans have been proliferators of their technology all of these years. They build a nuclear plant in Syria that the Israelis destroyed last year.

So they are a loose cannon in the situation. And if we can — so this is an important test case of our ability to bring about denuclearization.

Well, if the North Korean nuke issue did have a silver lining, it would be that it’s revealed what a joke the anti-proliferation regime really is. Time to embrace our inner Kenneth Waltz (see further the debate here).