Couldn’t we let them keep San Francisco? See full-size image here.

Kaos Studios, the makers of Frontlines: Fuel of War (which I really enjoyed, BTW), has signed on John Milius of “Apocalypse Now” and “Red Dawn” fame to pen the storyline of their upcoming game, “Homefront,” a first-person shooter set in a North Korean-occupied United States in 2027:

There’s a global financial crisis. And a global energy crisis. What if these international issues led to a worst-case scenario? How about the conquering and subjugation of America by North Korean armies? That’s the premise of Homefront, the new first-person shooter from developer Kaos Studios and publisher THQ. The game takes place about 20 years in the future, in a war-torn America that has been devastated by the invasion. In the game, you’ll play as a single soldier who joins a ragtag resistance army in the desperate fight to survive.

What’s that you say? North Korea would be lucky to be occupying North Korea in 20 years, let alone anyone else? Don’t be such a killjoy:

Please, oh please, dear God, don’t ban this game in South Korea.