America? Occupied by the North Koreans? Fuck Me!

Couldn’t we let them keep San Francisco? See full-size image here.

Kaos Studios, the makers of Frontlines: Fuel of War (which I really enjoyed, BTW), has signed on John Milius of “Apocalypse Now” and “Red Dawn” fame to pen the storyline of their upcoming game, “Homefront,” a first-person shooter set in a North Korean-occupied United States in 2027:

There’s a global financial crisis. And a global energy crisis. What if these international issues led to a worst-case scenario? How about the conquering and subjugation of America by North Korean armies? That’s the premise of Homefront, the new first-person shooter from developer Kaos Studios and publisher THQ. The game takes place about 20 years in the future, in a war-torn America that has been devastated by the invasion. In the game, you’ll play as a single soldier who joins a ragtag resistance army in the desperate fight to survive.

What’s that you say? North Korea would be lucky to be occupying North Korea in 20 years, let alone anyone else? Don’t be such a killjoy:

Please, oh please, dear God, don’t ban this game in South Korea.

  • Ledtim

    It’s a pretty transparent that “North Korea” in this game stands for the PRC. Same with military superpower “North Korea” from the game Crysis.

    I guess you can’t offend a market of 1.2 billion even if most of them are going to pirate your game.

  • CaptBBQ

    Well Crysis apparently wasn’t banned in South Korea, plenty Koreans play it, though apparently Empires Total War is banned, I still can’t get that off of Steam, not even the demo. Its probably for the best, what vile concoction steam is anyway. Pure evil I tell you.

    The portrayal of North Korea, first in that James Bond movie, then in Crysis and now in this game brings to light several dynamics. One is, America or perhaps the Western World, needs a “bad guy” with a conventional Army. The other is, in todays global economy, a company doesn’t want to hurt sales by making an even remotely credible potential adversary the bad guy ( I guess that would have to be China), and thus completely write off sales in that country.

    So while technologically North Korea is a laughable foe, from a marketing perspective it makes sense. … I just worry about the high schoolers growing up on this kind of game and actually starting to subconsciously believe this kind of stuff.

  • NetizenKim

    Is it just me or is the voice trying to channel John Conner from “Terminator Salvation”?

    This is a must-have for my PS3.

  • WangKon936

    Buahahaha!… hahaha…. wait… wiping tears from laughing so hard… buahahaha!!!

  • NetizenKim

    What’s so funny there, Wang?

  • WangKon936

    1. Why does American need a foreign boogieman?
    2. Programmers smart enough to write code for games like this ever think that North Korea has a chance to “conquer” any part of America.

  • CaptBBQ

    From a media perspective, to capture peoples interests, to sell newspapers, to sell fictional movie and video games like Red Dawn and Homefront.

    From a political perspective, to sell fear and justify new laws, to gain power.

    From a social perspective: small talk.

  • CaptBBQ

    Oh, and lets not forget from the military-industrial complex perspective: to sell tanks.

    Boogie-men create jobs, keep folks employed, others distracted.

  • parker

    CaptBBQ, are you serious? I love Steam. Being able to uninstall games and then re-download them when I want to play again is fantastic. I absolutely hate the huge pile of disks I have stashed away in a desk drawer. The way they tie the game to your Steam ID is also wonderful. You can have the same game installed on multiple computers at the same time. I guess you could say that it’s a form of DRM but it’s DRM done well.

  • t_song

    Haven’t there been other games over time that used North Korea as a potential foe in the terrorism world? I vaguely remember seeing a commercial for the game and seeing Korean on a building and just shaking my head.

  • babotaengi

    I too love steam. Very convenient.

    Worst thing about Crysis is that you have to play hardcore difficulty to have the soldiers speak Korean. Too much saved game loading. I found a work around though: you just have to make a minor edit to one of the game’s text files. Google it if you care. It’s pretty amusing to hear a virtual ajeosshi go “Moya?” just before you pop out of the bushes and bash his head in.

    I also once bashed a guy in GTA4, and as he lay on the sidewalk concussed he said something along the lines of “Go on, finish me, shipsaekki.” I was like, “WTF? There are gyopos in Liberty City???” Drove around for ages trying to find Korea Town so I could upset my wife by bashing another innocent Korean, but I still don’t know where it is.

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    i agree that North Korea is a convenient plug in for People’s Republic of China. Chinese are actually interested in expanding their territory, rights, and financial holds.

    I agree with Netizen Kim. There’s a lot of direct rip offs of Terminator movie with Christian Bale.

    CIA, FBI. Look for Marmot’s Hole poster, self named ‘Jing’ somewhere in California. Potential People’s Republic of China spy. Industrial or military spy.

  • CaptBBQ

    …it’s a form of DRM but it’s DRM done well…

    Which is exactly why it is vile hell-spawned evil incarnate. The fact that it is done so well means that it, and systems like it will become the de-facto standard within the next ten years, and when that happens, things will really start to sucks. When you have a disk, you may run the software under a license, but at least you physically posses something that you can install and run anywhere, on a bus on a plane, in a submarine under the ocean or a ship in the middle of the sea. But with steam, now any semblance of control you thought you had becomes truly a facade. If your internet connection goes out, or if the DRM provider goes offline or bankrupt, what do you do? There are some games that just won’t allow you to play without connecting to steam. You’ve now waved away any pragmatic rights you once had. I’m waiting to see what happens with Empires. I suppose I will have to purchase it overseas and bring it here, but even the CD version requires that you use steam. Well, will they see my region as Korea and not allow me to play the game? What if I move to Germany, will steam not allow me to play any of my FPSs because all violent games are soon to be outlawed there? And if It does not do so now, will they do so in the future? Be careful of that freedom you give up for convenience.

  • babotaengi

    You’ve won me over, Captain B… Steam sucks~!

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    rips on Terminator Salvation

    1/ the freedom resistance radio report
    2/ conner name drop
    3/ san francisco as enemy headquarters

    THQ is as old as TECMO in game development firm history. This is a poor concept. Only superior game play will make this game succeed.
    I doubt North Koreans have assault rifles that look like the one held above. Data inaccuracies seem obvious.

  • CactusMcHarris

    If anyone’s interested in alternative history novels, I recommend ‘Guns of the SOuth’ by Harry Turtledove – it’s much fun.

    And that first pic is awesome!

  • Joseph Dart

    @CactusMcHarris: Turtledove’s young adult novels are better, generally because he’s obliged not to include his absolutely awful sex scenes in them …

    More pertinent to the topic of this thread, Turtledove also wrote a two-part series about a Japanese invasion of Hawaii during World War II, entitled Days of Infamy. Which hits pretty much all the cliches you can imagine … Japanese American collaborators, white comfort women, etc.

  • NetizenKim

    It never fails to surprise me how even sci-fi writers seem to be ignorant of the great genius of Nikola Tesla. Why do they have to invent time warp visitors from the future coming with future weapons to enable alternative history fictions of major world wars? Tesla conceived of particle beam weapons in 1896!

    If Nazi Germany had kidnapped Nikola Tesla to work for them, the Axis powers would surely have won WW2.

  • WangKon936

    No. They would have lost WWII a year earlier.

    All German wunderwaffens, with the notable exception of Me262, were resource hogs that had very little practical application on the battlefield. They were nice science projects, but 1940’s industrial technology was not up to the task of making those interesting “science projects” consistently reliable to work in a real battlefield environment. Hell, we can’t even get particle beam weapons to work in a practical manner in a battlefield setting even today with 21st century technology!

    The Nazis would have won WWII if they didn’t chase away all their Jewish physicists. An A-bomb trumps a cool but impractical wunderwaffen.

  • congee

    North Koreans? the Chinese? Haven’t you guys been following what’s been happening stateside recently? The bankers have already conquered the US. Now pay your taxes directly to Goldman, serf.

    American feudalism

  • Arghaeri

    #19 Wangkong,

    Indeed they hasd the same issue with Tanks. Although fantastically engineered and the likley the best in the world at that time, the Tiger Tank was vastly overengineered such that although hugely dominating, it took too much time and expense to manuafacture in sufficient numbers.

    The russians however, came up with the T-Class which was basically engineered but could accordingly be turned out in huge numbers swamping the german production.

    In simple not a lot of point engineering the best tank in the world if you can’t make them quickly enough to dominate the battlefield.

  • NetizenKim


    Yes, of course. I’ve watched enough History Channel and the Military Channel to know about that also. However, I was also discussing this in terms of alternative history sci-fi.

    Tesla was a truly mind from the future even by our current standards. But in the US he had powerful rivals and enemies such as Thomas Edison and JP Morgan. He was marginalized by the mainstream scientific community because he was a “mad scientist”. Given those facts, arguably Tesla could have been successfully recruited by the Nazis and he could have been for Nazi Germany the modern Archimedes who defended Syracuse with his ancient superweapons from Roman sea invasion.

  • CaptBBQ

    It never fails to surprise me how even sci-fi writers seem to be ignorant of the great genius of Nikola Tesla.

    Perhaps you have not watched “The Prestige” starring Hugh Jackman and that Welsh actor who throws cursing tirades at the lighting guys and plays batman…?

  • Koreansentry

    Good game, I’ll play this.

  • Korea Beat

    Not that consistency necessarily counts, but if Crysis, Mercenaries, and 스팅 were not banned, this should not be either.

  • rampowers

    The frustrating part is getting excited about something only to look on Wikipedia and see the expected release date is in March 2010~

  • oranckay

    If the Norskies could move the TransAmerica building close to the Golden Gate Bridge like that it would be better for tourism. (Who needs a slogan?)

  • R. Elgin

    I’ll buy this game if it comes with a scenario where the North Koreans round up American bankers and use flame-throwers on them.

  • John from Daejeon

    Exactly how are they to arrive on the shores of California? Talk about totally unbelievable nonsense.

  • Arghaeri

    Balloons, millions of balloons,,,,,

  • Mizar5

    No, intercontinental missiles…on balloons.

  • NetizenKim

    #28 R Elgin

    I’ll buy this game if it comes with a scenario where the North Koreans round up American bankers and use flame-throwers on them.

    In Capitalist America, you rob bank.
    In Socialist America, the bank robs YOU.

    With apologies to Yakov Smirnov.

  • Nix

    Next up, Canada VS Holland.

    Everyone else I’ve talked with agrees it’s not just a politically correct replacement for a Chinese bogeyman, but it’s also a much need laugh at the Norks. I am genuinely interested in how they view this.

    Also: Steam is balls. The sweaty “Hiked for 3 days no baths” kind. If I don’t want government doing everything for me “because it’s convenient”, why on earth would I want a business to do the same? Never trust others to do things for you that you can do yourself. They WILL exert more and more control over what you can and can’t do. If I can’t hold something in my hands (or otherwise have a self contained file that requires nothing else to run on any major operating system), call it mine, use it wherever and whenever I want regardless of location and internet connectivity… then fuck that, no sale.

    Needless to say I haven’t bought a game in a while. SupCom2 looks like it may have potential however, we’ll have to see.

  • Ray

    NetizenKim wrote: “It never fails to surprise me how even sci-fi writers seem to be ignorant of the great genius of Nikola Tesla. ”

    Have you played Fallout (3)?

  • steve

    Looks more like Kansas than Colorado….Colorado, Red Dawn, where are the Wolverines?

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