Korea: Hotbead of Innovative Menswear?

If you were forced to watch “Boys Before Flowers,” this should frighten you even more than North Korean nukes:

South Korea is shaping up as the next hotbed of innovative menswear, with three of its most prominent designers creating tailoring with a twist for an international audience just as Seoul itself is becoming something of a fashion center.

But unlike the Japanese designers Rei Kawakubo and Yohji Yamamoto, who established their international reputations in the 1980s with a radical departure from traditional silhouettes, the Korean designers Juun J., Songzio and Wooyoungmi are offering traditional shapes in new proportions and juxtapositions. All three will be showing their spring 2010 collections in Paris later this week.

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  • chrisinsouthkorea

    Nothing to overly worry about for awhile – you have to remember that most fashion shows / runway models are only working in the conceptual / hypothetical. Those few elements that do make it to the mainstream of clothing are usually only sold at some outrageous prices in the fanciest places. I’ll get worried when I see said designs available for less than 25,000 won or in Dongdaemun (presumably knock-offs of the same or very similar designs)…

  • dokdoforever

    I sure hope they have the white athletic socks/ dark suit combo featured – that was one my favorite Korean men’s fashions. Too bad it’s less popular now.

    Pink casual shirts and, shiny silver, practically reflective silk suits are also pretty cool.

  • Arghaeri

    25,000? I’d want a ten pack at least for that.

  • lupin_the_4th

    I assume that “silhouettes, proportions and juxtapositions” is Konglish for “Really, Really Gay”.

  • seouldout

    I still maintain Korea’s great design contribution to the world of fashion is the giant visor/sunglass combo often seen atop scythe-wielding grannies.

  • http://www.korealawblog.com Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    Oh, the “Boys Before Flowers” look! I’m so looking forward to dressing like a total fag.

  • cmm

    oh look:


    I liked this line: “In fashion, scarves now also seem to appeal to men. ‘A lot of male customers buy scarves because they are versatile — you can put them around your neck like a cravat and wear them with a shirt, or you can tie it like a necktie,’ a Lotte spokesman said.”