Director Dates a Korean, Names Moon Base ‘Sarang’

Just in case you were wondering why the moon base in Duncan Jones’ upcoming film “Moon” (starring Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey) is called “Sarang”:

Is there a reason you chose to make the moon harvesting company a Korean American collaboration?

One reason for that is my girlfriend at time was Korean and the name of the base- Sarang- is Korean for love so that was me being a bit of a romantic. Korea also has one of the most developed robotics programs and it’s one of the nations you could accept would be involved in this technologically ambitious program..

Here’s the trailer:

Looks cool, although I’m sure “Solaris” wants its soundtrack back.

  • gbevers

    I have been wanting to see this movie. I hope it comes to Korea, where I think it would do well just because the moon base is named “Sarang.” In fact, if it were my movie, I would be doing all I could to promote that fact in Korea.

  • babotaengi

    No release date scheduled for Korea. Don’t expect there to be one.

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    Koreans don’t really like American science-fiction films, or comedies. I don’t know why the sci-fi doesn’t fly here. I note, however, that Serenity is on cable all the time these days. Maybe folks will want to see Firefly as a result. I know I could use a little more Firefly.

  • WeikuBoy

    “I know I could use a little more Firefly.”

    Brendon, for what it’s worth, your stock just went way up in my book. I rarely get invested in or emotional about TV shows, but dammit, that show was great and deserved a way better fate . . .

    from the corporate bastards whose stupid drive for quarterly profits snuffed the labor of such a talented group of actors and artists whose labor was underappreciated and probably underpaid. [sigh]

    More to the point: have you a better name for a Moon base than Sarang?

  • john_galt718

    My wife and I caught Moon a couple weeks back. They did an amazing job given the budget. Rockwell is great – deserves more credit.

  • john_galt718

    One suggestions – try and steer clear of the trailers…

  • WangKon936

    I heard Sam Rockwell is a Manhattan ktown stalker…

  • gbevers

    WeikuBoy wrote:

    More to the point: have you a better name for a Moon base than Sarang?

    Well, if I were trying to sell it in the Korean market, I think I would have called it “Dokdo 2″ or “Uri Ddang.”

    Actually, I think “Sarang” is a terrible name for a moon base. A few years back a poll found that Koreans thought the most beautiful word in the Korean language was “Haneul” (하늘 – “the sky” or “the heavens”). That would have been a good name for a moon base.

  • Linkd

    The most beautiful word in the Korean language is without a doubt “o-ppa”, but that might depend on who you’re talking to, and who’s saying it. Just ask the Korean. (sorry, no hangul on this PC) “dal-bae-ees-o-ppa-sa-rang”: now there’s a name for an interstellar love motel.

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  • WangKon936

    Hey gbevers!

    You mentioned Dokdo in a thread that’s completely unrelated to Dokdo.


  • gbevers

    Wangkong (#10)

    I see that you could also not help but mention it.

    Anyway, how can we not mention it? It is everywhere: banking, food products, music, sports, dry cleaning…. It is the essence of the Korean soul. It is the thread that binds and unites Koreans worldwide. Korean Kindergarteners dream of growing up to be Dokdo Defenders. People of all ages spill their guts to get there. Without Dokdo, Korean society would unravel and anarchy would surely ensue. Rather a North Korean nuclear attack, than the lose of Dokdo. I cannot imagine a Korea without Dokdo. It would be horrible.

    Therefore, naming the world’s first moon base “Dokdo 2″ would be a fitting tribute to the small grouping of barren rocks that inspire so many people. So, I do not want to hear any more silly talk about it being off topic.

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    there used to be a sooljip in Fort Lee, NJ, named Dokdo. Now it’s called something else.

    Across the Palisades Park, NJ, police station, there is Korean/Japanese restaurant named Dokdo Sarang.

    in other news, Palisades Park, NJ, has about 10 Korean/Japanese style bakeries on 1 street, about maybe at maximum 2 miles long. There used to be 3.
    Boonshikjums ballooned from the main line of Totowa, and some other place, to like, 5. Totowa responded by branding itself “New Totowa Boonshik”.

    Koreans have a horrible practice of copy catting well doing businesses and basically killing each other off. I think that’s how the Chinese won Flushing Main Street away from the Koreans.

    Koreans are just stupid. I don’t want to be Korean anymore.

  • JW

    There’s also like 5 to 7 dentists on that same street. I don’t understand how they make money…but for the restos and boonshikjeoms, well. All I knows is that if the food is good, people will come and you’ll be able to survive. I know cuz my aunt runs one of them.

  • Linkd

    I met a teacher a couple of weeks ago who had signed on to teach at a 1-week camp this summer. The program involved getting a group of kids together in Pusan for a day or two of fun and games, then board a boat for a 3-day trip to Dokdo (circling the island but not landing on it), and returning to Pusan for the final two days.

    I tried asking if the whole event would be like a pilgrimage to the holy land, with the boat trip spent on total Dokdo immersion, waegooks teaching the kids Dokdo songs in English and basically having little one-sided English history lessons, culminating in orgiastic tearful ceremonies when the islands come into view, but the teacher didn’t have any firm knowledge of the curriculum (if there was one).

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    Lunar Base, Dokdo.
    New Aegis Warship, Dokdo.
    New Aircraft carrier, Dokdoplex.
    New nuclear submarine, Ultra Dokdo.

  • Linkd

    So your aunt is basically tyrannically depriving some other ajumma of her right to live, just because she can’t cook as well as your aunt. That’s some heavy karma.

  • JW

    I dunno, I think gyopos are noticeably less demanding about the quality of food compared to koreans in the motherland. It feels to me like so long as you meet a certain basic standard, you’ll be alright.

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    Linkd, i didn’t know you were my #1 fan. Can I call you by your real name?

    There are only of two families of us in the USA. My father’s older brother came as a doctor. My father came as a bank worker who deserted the company. We have never been in the food business. I hear it’s hard work. I think it gets dicey when the chef threatens to leave.

    I once heard a chef who left and set up the same style of Korean food, say naeng myun right across the original owner’s place.

    I see a new boonshik place literally next door to an old one.
    I new bakery right next door to an old one.

    This is wrong.
    No wonder they have a hard time getting bank loans and rely on gye money. No bank in their right mind would support such a stupid business plan.

  • wjk, 검은 머리 외국인

    where’s your dda blindfold?

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