Tonight’s RAS lecture promises to be a goodie:

Please join us at the RAS Lecture as Mike Kim, founder of Crossing Borders, an NGO assisting North Korean defectors in China, shares his experiences along the China-North Korea border and through the six-thousand-mile modern-day underground railway leading North Koreans to asylum. Mike Kim’s uniquely personal perspective on the human security challenges facing North Koreans builds on his intimate conversations with refugees who helped him understand the hidden world of ordinary North Koreans.

Mike Kim will speak about experiences that culminated in his book, “Escaping North Korea”. It’s a current events memoir based on his time at the China-North Korea border helping North Koreans escape the regime.

Mr. Kim chronicles his effort to lead North Korean refugees through the 6,000-mile underground railway through China in this exposé of the astonishing day-to-day realities of famine, religious oppression, torture and sexual abuse in the most secretive and impoverished member of the axis of evil. The author, a former missionary, spent four years at the China–North Korea border building shelters and orphanages, and his access to government officials, journalists, aid workers and hundreds of North Korean refugees provide him a unique vantage point from which to synthesize current research and policy on conditions in North Korea with affecting real-life testimonials. His intrepid effort to help four North Korean teenagers avoid arrest and repatriation on the journey from northern China to the British consulate in Shanghai is riveting, as is his insider knowledge of the perilous route refugees navigate across the borders of China, Laos and Thailand.