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VOA (Korean) on Seoul Selection

Voice of America (Korean service) did a story a little while back on Seoul Selection — give it a listen.

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  • jjmountain

    Wow, this podcast is really clear and easy to listen to. It would be a great Korean study resource with a transcript. Does anyone know if they are available and if not would anyone care to write one?

    I’ve started a project of my own to produce these kind of real, interesting resources for studying Korean, check it out if you’re interested here -> http://koreanasitis.wordpress.com

  • jjmountain

    Ok I’m writing a script out for this. I will get it checked by a native speaker and then upload it to my site. I’ll post here again when I’ve done all that.

  • jjmountain

    Done. Get the Korean transcript here if you’re interested.


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