For those with interests beyond the troubling political crapola now raging:

I just guided a tour of the Bukchon hanok traditional-houses neighborhood for SIWA this morning, under such a fortunately- glorious blue sky.  I’ll do the same again for the Royal Asiatic Society this Saturday (May 30th) morning, 9:30 am–1pm, and if you’d enjoy that there’s still time to sign up.  See:

I spent last Sunday with Lourdes viewing the Jeong Seon (early 18th-Cen) exhibit at the Gansong Art Museum in Seongbuk, a place that Robert has often recommended (only open in May & October), and it was great — if you love Korea’s Daoist-flavored mountain-landscape paintings like i do, ya gotta see this — and Thurs thru Sun May 31st is your last chance — these are amazing artworks!

We also drank teas in the wonderful 19th-Cen Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse there, which Rob called his favorite; see:

AND we toured a unique Buddhist temple with great folk-art close nearby, very cool fresh discovery… see:

Next week the Seoul Tourism Awards are being presented, and this year i’m a Judge of them (i know what you’ll ask, and NO the “Sparkling” slogan did not win anything!).  We have a formal welcoming banquet at the Samcheong-gak on Wed (6/3) evening, then the “Seoul Tourism Forum” (academic/policy symposium) all morning Thurs at the Dynasty Hall of the Shilla Hotel, then the big Awards Ceremony/Dinner at the Shilla that evening.  If you’re interested in this kinda thing, contact the Seoul Tourism Organization.

And then this coming Sunday morning (5/31) the Gangbuk-gu District Gov is holding a special “Barefoot-Walking on Mountain-Trail Event”, a chance to de-stress in some sweet nature, a family-friendly “well-being” sortta gig.  I’ll post details in response #1 here…

Enjoy the end of Spring, no matter what the Norks do to spoil it!!