Some Interesting Stuff to Do

For those with interests beyond the troubling political crapola now raging:

I just guided a tour of the Bukchon hanok traditional-houses neighborhood for SIWA this morning, under such a fortunately- glorious blue sky.  I’ll do the same again for the Royal Asiatic Society this Saturday (May 30th) morning, 9:30 am–1pm, and if you’d enjoy that there’s still time to sign up.  See:

I spent last Sunday with Lourdes viewing the Jeong Seon (early 18th-Cen) exhibit at the Gansong Art Museum in Seongbuk, a place that Robert has often recommended (only open in May & October), and it was great — if you love Korea’s Daoist-flavored mountain-landscape paintings like i do, ya gotta see this — and Thurs thru Sun May 31st is your last chance — these are amazing artworks!

We also drank teas in the wonderful 19th-Cen Suyeon-Sanbang Teahouse there, which Rob called his favorite; see:

AND we toured a unique Buddhist temple with great folk-art close nearby, very cool fresh discovery… see:

Next week the Seoul Tourism Awards are being presented, and this year i’m a Judge of them (i know what you’ll ask, and NO the “Sparkling” slogan did not win anything!).  We have a formal welcoming banquet at the Samcheong-gak on Wed (6/3) evening, then the “Seoul Tourism Forum” (academic/policy symposium) all morning Thurs at the Dynasty Hall of the Shilla Hotel, then the big Awards Ceremony/Dinner at the Shilla that evening.  If you’re interested in this kinda thing, contact the Seoul Tourism Organization.

And then this coming Sunday morning (5/31) the Gangbuk-gu District Gov is holding a special “Barefoot-Walking on Mountain-Trail Event”, a chance to de-stress in some sweet nature, a family-friendly “well-being” sortta gig.  I’ll post details in response #1 here…

Enjoy the end of Spring, no matter what the Norks do to spoil it!!

  • sanshinseon

    Here’s the official announcement of the Barefoot-Walking Event
    (sorry for formatting):

    Gangbuk District Office
    Barefoot-Walking on Mountain-Trail Event
    Gangbuk-gu District Office will hold its “barefoot walking event” this coming May 31. 2009. You can enjoy beautiful nature while walking barefooted on a natural trail of Mt. Samgak-san. It’s a really good event for your health as well as a fun family outing.
    Some studies show the benefits of barefoot walking as being good for your feet, as It allows your toes to get straightened and also your feet tend to feel stronger. It gives relaxation to tired feet, and helps to overcome the problem of flat feet. So, give your feet a break!
    1. Event
    1) Date : May 31 (Sun) 09:30 – 11:00
    2) Place : The Pine Park at the Green Park Hotel
    3) Program
    – Walking barefoot along a Mt. Samgak-san trail
    – Concert in the Forest
    2. Registration
    You can register by sending an email to :
    – email your personal information (Name, Cell-phone #)
    3. Application Fee: None.
    4. How to Get To the Place
    By subway, you can get off at Suyu station (Subway blue line no. 4).
    Shuttle-bus pickup will be at Exit #8 by 09:00 A.M. on May 31 (Sun)

    5. More Information
    For more information, contact me by;
    1. Phone: Ms. Min 02 – 901-6333 (International exchange team)
    2. Email:
    3. Fax: 02-901-6319

  • iwshim

    One small point to clarify:
    “Place : The Pine Park at the Green Park Hotel”

    There are two place in Gangbuk- gu Pine Tree Park accross from Duksung University
    Green Park Hotel that is up the main road.

    Tehy may want to givemore advice on the location.

    My advice to getting here is go to Suyu station and catch a cab for 3,000 won to get to the location.

    It is a greeat place to spend a day.

  • iwshim

    It is a great place to spend a day.

  • sanshinseon

    Yeah, they do mean the nice “informal” Pine-grove in front of the Green Park Hotel, famous old place off the Ui-dong Rotary, and NOT the formal “Solbat-gongwon” further south down the main road…

  • Etekwini

    AAAhhh!! Barefoot walking on the crowded mountain paths….I just love that feeling of spit squelching between my toes. Can’t wait!

  • tbonetylr

    I’d probably step on something sharp and lose a toe! Give me a moment to bring this together as I want to be the first to say how S. Korea can bring more people or keep more S. Koreans here especially this summer…Like Baduk was the first to claim “Roh faked his own death,” I’m the first to suggest Seoul open up the cliff that Roh jumped from(was pushed from) to the public. Millions of Koreans will stay home this summer if they could have the chance to look over the edge, say a prayer, or toss a coin!