‘JSA’ Rereleased in Limited Edition

I don’t usually blog shop, so to speak, but this might be of interest to readers — we (i.e., Seoul Selection) have released a limited edition DVD of the Park Chan-wook classic “JSA.” Some 500 copies are available, so if you haven’t seen this film — which many consider the best film ever made about Korea’s national division — this is your chance.

The region code is “ALL,” so you can pop it into a machine anywhere on the planet (even North Korea!), and at 27,000 won (or US$22.41), you can’t go wrong.

  • rampowers

    Do you know how this limited edition is special other than the all region coding? Amazon and YesAsia don’t have that edition and your website doesn’t give any info.

  • driftingfocus

    I was wondering the same thing as #1.

  • http://www.xanga.com/wangkon936 WangKon936


    You guys should have North American distribution. I ordered something from Seoul Selection a few years ago and I was charged $45 in overseas s&h.

    It was something only being sold in Korea so I had to get it through you guys. Seriously, YesAsia and Amazon doesn’t have a lot of things you guys have so it might be a good move for the company.

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