Children’s Songs and Internet Guardian Angels

Korea has some of the best children’s songs ever, like “By the Sea“. Nowadays, however, it seems we have children’s songs about on-line chatting since someone “knows who did it”:

While chatting, first greet happily
Use polite words in a cordial way
During the game always be open, honest and do the right thing
Be careful on the keyboard
I know who did it (be careful) I know
I am the internet guardian angel
I will be the first to protect
I want to be the first to protect
Though faces are unknown, it’s a warm neighborhood
Precious Internet friend
Precious Internet friend (friend!)

Ouch . . . I think I like the songs about rainbows and birds better.

  • Zonath

    I think I saw the dude hanging around outside the window on an episode of ‘To Catch a Preditor’… πŸ˜›

    Seriously though, I dig the message of the song, although it’s no “Twinkle Twinkle”

  • R. Elgin

    He *must* be the internet guardian angel . . . on the PBS payroll too.

  • babotaengi

    Shit. Zonath beat me to it.

  • Benicio74

    Very strange!
    I certainly hope that guy in the window isn’t touching himself!

  • Zonath

    He *must* be the internet guardian angel

    No no… netiquette is the internet guardian angel. That guy’s just a dirty child molester (on the PBS payroll).

  • SomeguyinKorea

    How about a song about how the internet should not be used as a baby sitter?

  • R. Elgin

    Per #6, my friend only lets his daughter use e-mail for writing her friends in English and this seems to promote spelling and writing skills. No games or surfing though unless mom or dad are there.

    I will try to listen to see what kids songs are like nowadays. The older ones are great but if the new ones are like this one, then the Korean Government should commission some new ones from good writers. I suspect that something like that is done already but I don’t know.

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  • mtr25500

    To Zonath: remove yourself from the gene pool, waste of space