Japanese nude model and AV star Sora Aoi apparently had a rough time during a recent promotional trip to Shanghai, reports the Sports Chosun.

Chinese fans were reportedly disappointed by her ordinary attire.

Aoi is quite popular even in Korea — one Seoul theater ran a special exhibit to her in October, and her visit to Korea last July for a drama shoot led to an Internet stir, with male fans swapping tales of seeing her on the street.

She’s also a big fan of MC Mong.

Aoi is a big hit in China, too, but her recent left fans there outraged. Rather than wearing something sexy, she reportedly dressed quite normally, driving fans to despondency. The Sports Chosun wonders whether the fans thought she’d come out nude just because she’s an AV star. As it says, “It seems perhaps that the Chinese fans were waiting not for Aoi but for Aoi’s body.”

Maybe they were expecting her to dress like this? (NSFW)

Well, for the benefit of Chinese fans, I link to this video of Sora Aoi frolicking at the beach (NSFW). WARNING: Should be avoided by those with heart problems or those allergic to cute chicks with very large breasts.