• seouldout

    1,000 won for solidified fish farts?!

  • http://www.smokehard.com chiamattt

    Is being a 54 year old getting harder and harder these days? You can’t even hit a cop anymore!

  • Maximus2008

    The issue is that he wasn’t drunk. Then, it would have been ok…

  • MrMao

    Fish baloney!

    Make me feel so ronery!

  • Ladron

    He should burn down some national monuments in protest.

  • keith

    You’d have to pay me 100.000 won to eat some of that nasty crap.

  • Darth Babaganoosh

    Obviously it wasn’t about being overcharged by W500. The odeng was made from American downer fish. Time to get out the candles!

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