Jeju Nude Beach?

Jeju-do is apparently looking to open a nude beach:

Jeju provincial government is actively reviewing a proposed nude beach on the resort island. If approved, the measure would allow naked sunbathing on some beaches.
Jeju provincial government will firstly examine whether the measure would entail any legal problems, and then install necessary facilities for nude sunbathing, including changing rooms, on beaches favored by foreigners. Potential nude beaches include Jungmun Beach, which is connected to luxury hotels in the Jungmun Tourist Resort Complex, and Hamdeok Beach, which is the most popular among vacationers.


  • captbbq

    There will be nothing but a bunch of naked ajosshi hoping to glimpse a nekkid Russian chick or two. And failing miserably at that.

    My wife thinks there will be prostitutes…

  • Linkd

    Never been to the island, but that sounds like a not an unreasonable guess.

    I was looking out the window of a 17th floor office this afternoon, beside Yangjae stream in Poi-dong. I realized the barber poles outnumber the neon crosses, and I wondered “Is there anywhere in Seoul that is more than a 10-minute walk from a handjob?”

  • Pvrhye

    It sounds shocking at first, but really I can see it being the next logical step from Jimjilbang.

  • CactusMcHarris


    That’s a great question to send in to the Seoul Chamber of Commerce.

  • cmm

    I can’t see this going down without some serious measures to prevent it from being ruined by perverts.

  • bumfromkorea
  • Yu Bum Suk

    This will only work if it’s a mandatory ‘clothing off’ area and not a ‘clothing optional’ area. Ever been to Wreck Beach in Vancouver? Why is it that the only people wearing clothes there are Asians?

  • sanshinseon

    True. I can’t see it working at all here. Would be hordes of gawkers with handphone cameras and maybe one Scandinavian victim-couple.

    In Europe, Auz and California it only “works” out of a mutually-shared cultural understanding of disinterested politeness acting, no obvious straring or harassment. Only if you’ve been around such scenes for awhile can you relax, not react, think yhat “well, skin is just skin”…

  • NetizenKim

    Korea isn’t ready for co-ed public baths. What makes them think they’re ready for nude beaches, even if it is located on Jeju-do? It assumes a certain level of enlightened, relaxed attitude which Koreans most certainly don’t have.

    You would think these provincial officials ought to know better but then again maybe they’re trying to exhaust and and every possible hare-brained idea to promote tourism.

  • CactusMcHarris

    I wonder what it is about Cheju-do that makes it different from the rest of Korea – you don’t see The Penis Theme Park in any other province, do you? Seems they’ve got an edge over the rest of the Minjok in sex-related tourism.

  • Sonagi

    True. I can’t see it working at all here. Would be hordes of gawkers with handphone cameras and maybe one Scandinavian victim-couple.

    :) And who sez foreigners don’t understand Korea?

    Even Western nude beaches aren’t pervert-free. A friend who likes to get a line-free tan at nude beaches in western Canada said that she felt disgusted by middle-aged men checking out the budding breasts and spring foliage of preteen and early teen girls.

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