Nice Teats

Last month I was shocked at the insensitivity shown by the Joongang Daily. Well, they’re at it again!

Colorful Cattle
Colorful Cattle

Likening those two nice young women to cattle! How do they get away with it?!?

Meanwhile, consider these two headlines together:

Korea Plans Hacking Competition – Korea Times, December 15, 2008

Hacker gained an early look at the CSAT results – Joongang Daily, December 15, 2008

Finally, another reason to hate Seoul’s cabbies and a photo that could be amusing if taken out of context.

  • Robert Koehler

    Not quite as funny as the “Two Girls, One Coat” post.

    Nice try, though.

  • brent

    Anti-Cab Spectrum Volunteers Unite!

  • hitest

    It takes two to tango.

    The doctors are also unscrupulous, allowing the fraudulent claims, because they get paid off as well.

    People treat the hospital like a spa when they are doing time on the insurance agencies dime.

  • mjw

    What’s with the taxi hatred? Can’t communicate with them well enough?

    There are assholes wherever you go, dramman, but the vast majority of the taxi drivers I meet (and believe me, I’ve taken my share of taxi’s in 10 years here) are just hard working people with families. Like most people in this world, if you show them a bit of respect and kindness, they’ll treat you well in return. (relax..i said “most”)

    No one can condone insurance fraud, but at the very least we can have some fucking sympathy for their plight. You try running a cab on a basic fare of 1900/won. That is 1000 won more than the basic fare when I first arrived in Korea in 1995. (better than being a shoe polisher, though…2000won in perpetuity!)

  • R. Elgin

    z z z z . . . Z . . . z z z

  • cmc

    Is the girl on the left Lee Myung Bak’s daughter?

  • gbnhj

    …a photo that could be amusing if taken out of context.

    Um – huh? I suppose folks who are amused by things like lint or the sound of water dripping from a faucet might also be amused by that photo.

  • Lazy_Contractor

    RE: The cabbies in Seoul….

    So, cabbies commit insurance fraud?
    How is that different from the exact same insurance fruad non-cabbies engage in?

    I fail to see the “news” in this article. Other than maybe the fact that the reporter is so outta touch with real life in Korea that he/she doesn’t realize MANY koreans commit insurance fruad.

    It’s your @ss if you (as a foreignor) are ever in an accident with a korean national! Your fault or not.

    MANY (not all) a times I have heard bout the fake injury scam. They run this scam on each other too – so at least these scammers are equal oppertunity scumbags.

  • iwshim

    They look SeO-happy!

  • iwshim

    They look SeO-happy!

  • Jewook

    The hanwoo cow figurines are selling like hotcakes, sadly though the ones made in the US are not selling at all. Customers are complaining that they look too mad.

  • Dram_man

    Jewook> LOL!

  • Bipolar Mindscrew

    2009 is Year of the Ox… this picture is strikingly similar: