Yesterday, near the DMZ, it was a beautiful day for flying balloons — especially propaganda filled balloons — and  Park Sang Hak, a North Korean defector and leader of the balloon brigade, was there to take advantage of it. Unfortunately there was also a group of anti-propaganda-balloonists who didn’t appreciate Park’s efforts.

“A balloon-driven rumble broke out. Scores of police struggled to keep it from turning into a full-blown riot. Before it was over, Park kicked one of the counter-protesters squarely in the head — a blow that sounded like a bat whacking a hardball. He spat on several others who were trying to rip apart bags of leaflets. He pulled a tear-gas revolver from his jacket, and fired it into the air before police grabbed it away from him.”

Park managed to get one balloon aloft, but the other balloons were ripped to shreds spilling their thousands of valuable leaflets all over the ground. These leaflets are not only valuable because they inform the average North Korean of Kim Jong-il’s sexual depravities and expensive taste in wines — but they also make the lucky finder richer.

“Park says he has sent nearly 2 million anti-Kim leaflets north by balloon. Since April, he says, each of the water-proof leaflets borne by his balloons is attached to a U.S. dollar bill.” According to Park:  “Because of my balloons, the North Koreans are rounding up anyone with one dollar.”

You can read the rest of the Washington Post article here.