In a “shocking” move, and I mean we are all “SHOCKED”, KTF will not roll out the iPhone handset in Korea anytime soon. And in a similar “shocking” development one issue is Apple’s failed adherence to the WIPI industry standard (not a trade barrier we are assured). Even more “suprising” is the effort so dependant on one guy that nobody is there to take up the slack when he is “unexpectely” under an invesigation for bribery (again just “shocking”).

Oh, and for the expense argument in the article. Why is it nobody voiced concerns on how the Korean market cannot bare the price of the recent million won LG Prada phone? Or those ridiculous million won Samsung camera phones of a few years ago? Why would a theortical one million won iPhone be that different? Can you say “searching for excuses”?

I know the better question is “why is it much less than a million won in the US?”, but I am so fed-up with this. Trade Barriers, corruption, cronyism or incompetent juniors, and it’s collective ability to stifle  innovation and economic improvement all here. Everything I hate about Korean industry wrapped up in one nice little package. Somebody polish this turd for me.