Somebody Owes Me “Dinner”

In a “shocking” move, and I mean we are all “SHOCKED”, KTF will not roll out the iPhone handset in Korea anytime soon. And in a similar “shocking” development one issue is Apple’s failed adherence to the WIPI industry standard (not a trade barrier we are assured). Even more “suprising” is the effort so dependant on one guy that nobody is there to take up the slack when he is “unexpectely” under an invesigation for bribery (again just “shocking”).

Oh, and for the expense argument in the article. Why is it nobody voiced concerns on how the Korean market cannot bare the price of the recent million won LG Prada phone? Or those ridiculous million won Samsung camera phones of a few years ago? Why would a theortical one million won iPhone be that different? Can you say “searching for excuses”?

I know the better question is “why is it much less than a million won in the US?”, but I am so fed-up with this. Trade Barriers, corruption, cronyism or incompetent juniors, and it’s collective ability to stifle  innovation and economic improvement all here. Everything I hate about Korean industry wrapped up in one nice little package. Somebody polish this turd for me.

  • red sparrow

    I know we are not yet in the Christmas shopping season but perhaps it is time for Marmot’s Hole regulars to consider putting together a small sum to buy Dram_Man a dictionary and basic grammar guide.

  • Darth Babaganoosh

    “bare the price”? (apologies for being a spelling Nazi)

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Actions taken without Wisigoths?

  • R. Elgin

    What amuses me is how Chinese would buy up many iphones and take them back to China and hack them so they would work there.

    Why hasn’t someone done this trick yet here? There are hackers here (including Russian engineers) that could likely do this without too much difficulty though they might need to hack the hardware part some.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Russian engineers?

    No need for that. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to ‘jailbreak’ an iPhone in a matter of seconds.

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    I wouldn’t put too much stock in what’s printed in the Korea Times.

    The Chinese who were buying up iPhones in the US and jailbreaking them were using the 2.5G model. It’s a lot easier now.

    The 3G iPhone is on sale in Hong Kong now as an “unlocked” product. That means you could take any carrier’s 3G SIM and stick it in the unlocked iPhone from Hong Kong, and it would work (with the exception of certain features, like visual voicemail, which apparently need the carrier to take some steps). Since the 3G standard is a world standard, iPhone will be here soon enough — some Korean entrepreneurs will fly down to Hong Kong, buy up a bunch of iPhones, bring them back here, and price at W1,500,000 or so.

  • stafford

    I’m thinking of doing just that – flying to HK for Christmas and picking me up some new shiny shiny!. It’s a shame the ones in New Zealand aren’t unlocked. Taking into account the exchange rate a New Zealand 8GB iPhone would only set you back W750000
    BTW – did I mention: Die WIPI you son of a bitch! Die!

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    Oh, and dram — iPhone is much less than a million won in the United States because AT&T will subsidize the purchase price (i.e., give Apple some money in the place of the consumer) on the theory that AT&T will claw back all that and more on the two-year service contract. A lot of subsidized phones are sold in the Korean market the same way — with a minimum service agreement.

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