• r.rac

    man that sounds like Korea, change “Olympics” with “world cup” and they are pretty much the same, along with their english proficiency.

  • Benicio74

    Like my students were saying after World Cup 2002- “Korea is the pride of Asia!”.

    The line from this article about the kids saying “We will win”.
    Are they teaching their kids that they are going to win the entire Olympic Games.
    I think they’ve already won as the most influential governments and people won’t stand up against their shenanigans because it’s more important to try and make money off China that it is to try and help people.

  • http://cyberdiarrhea.blogspot.com Big B

    My hakwon here in Korea also uses textbooks with a bumbling monkey named Randy, who learns English. One of my Korean co-teachers told me it was for the kids to identify with as they learn English, feeling completely out of sorts to the proficient though rather underachieving native speakers in the textbooks. My students got a kick out of my fellow teachers and I dressing up as the characters in the books that we had come to know all too well. Although this did nothing for my nickname of “Monkey Teacher”.

  • http://www.chiamattt.com chiamattt

    She pointed at a classmate and said in English and Chinese, “His father is a prisoner!”