The Coreana “Nazi” ad has finally made it into a mainstream Korean newspaper.

I found the conclusion a tad bewildering, though:

Meanwhile, concerning the protest, Vice President Juliana Yun, the head of sales for Coreana LA, said, “Because of reasons such as image rights, you can’t use advertisements produced in Korea in the United States.”

OK. So?

(HT to reader)

UPDATE: It appears Youtube has taken down the ads. This was following two messages left to Brian in Jeolla-do from the ad company asking that he take down the ads. If you read Korean, give the first message a read for textbook cluelessness.

Interestingly, the ads are still on Daum, where — one might imagine — ad company Korad could believe they are safe from meddling roundeyes and hooknoses. Anyway, watch them here and here.

PS: Park Jin-hee is still hot.