Pretentious Musings on Cloverfield

My brother reviews “Cloverfield.” I think he was a bit disappointed:

A good idea is at the heart of this film, that idea being to make a vérité creature feature: Blair Witch meets Godzilla, in Hollywood pitch meeting parlance. Document the peaceful denizens of a city as they come under attack by a monster of indeterminate origin. Conceptually, this is an intriguing start. With some irony, the actual start of the film – its opening moments – exemplifies everything that’s wrong with the picture: that the filmmakers decided to eschew their Good, Intriguing Idea in favor of the same tiresome shit.

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  • otoritakeo

    Oh god the movie is shittier than D-War. It had no plot, the hand-held camera “technique” was nauseous and the ending was just horrific. Good job on the CGI, though.

  • littlebrownasian

    I saw the movie a few days ago (and yes, don’t ask how :). I had to fast forward a couple of times just to get to the meatier part. First half was spent on the party, which I thought was pretty long and boring for a buildup. The monster’s design was pretty interesting, though, never seen anything like it. Just can’t imagine how it was able to grab that guy and supposedly trash it and didn’t even make so much as a scratch on the guy’s face when he fell (or was shown to), but I guess I’m spilling too much of the beans….

  • peninsular aborigine

    This movie was great fun. Shlocky, noisy, basically no background story. In medias res – monster attacks New York. And what a monster! Then the movie just ends and everybody looks around and “what the …?”
    7 point 9 stars.