The ‘Full Salon’

A couple of weeks ago, the Weekly Dong-A magazine looked at the latest development in Korea’s lively nighttime entertainment scene, the “full salon.”

Now, you’re all familiar, no doubt, with the “room salon,” karaoke clubs where groups of often well-to-do businessmen plop down inordinate sums of cash to sing, drink overpriced booze and chat up/feel up young, eye-pleasing hostesses. No sex takes place on the premises, but you can often negotiate for some action at an agreed-upon place (usually a nearby hotel) afterwards, as a couple of Grand National Party lawmakers could tell you.

Times are changing however, and people these days want to take care of business as simply and conveniently as possible. Hence the development of the “full salon” — short for “full service salon” — a “one-stop system” where you can get satisfy your drinking and fucking needs all in one spot.

Of course, the Dong-A notes, a similar system has been with us — the “Bukchang-dong Culture,” where you can sing, drink, and be blown within the comfort of a room salon room. The “full salon,” which began popping up last year, takes it to the next level, allowing for sex on the premises.

An industry official explained why the “full salon” has become so popular. Firstly, it’s a simplification of Korea’s “entertainment culture.” This, in turn, allows prices to come down dramatically, and makes it easier to avoid police crackdowns. Moreover, since the “full salon” experience usually develops into group sex, it also stimulates an odd sense of fellowship amongst men.

Experts (?) — and that (?) was in the Dong-A original, too — say the “full salon” phenomenon began in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, but it really “bloomed” in Seoul’s affluent Gangnam neighborhood. People in the business say there are about 200 such establishments operating in Gangnam alone.

“Full salons” are undergoing differentiation, too. Some mix massages with sex, while others specialize in daytime or late night service. And for the more pure of heart, there’s the “17%,” where you get better looking girls but no sex, and “10%,” where the girls give you a Bukchang-dong-style good time. These places are apparently popular with men who have their limits as far as what constitutes “playtime.”

“Full salons” are doing such a roaring trade that you need to book a place in advance.

The Dong-A notes that while the 2004 Special Law on Prostitution has succeeded in gradually eliminating Korea’s red-light districts, other places like the “full salon” have popped up in their place.

Last year, the Weekly Hanguk talked to a girl working in a Gangnam “full salon.” She was quite enlightening:

How does the prostitution work at the establishment?

Like a room salon. If there’s a difference, it’s that we’re naked from the beginning at the drinking table. As the drinking continues, we perform oral sex on the customers. But we don’t make them ejaculate… so we can give them “special time.”

– What’s “special time?”

Sex. The customers say when they can’t hold it anymore. Usually about three or four customers come, so we do it facing each other on the sofa. At first, I was embarrassed and would sometimes laugh, but now it’s occasionally fun.

Not to mention a quality male bonding experience, apparently.

If you’re curious as to the prices at such places, I direct you to the homepage of this establishment (maybe NSFW)

  • MigukNamja

    “Tasteless” has a new example.

  • Linkd

    Tasteless is including the interview with the airhead who said she was having fun. How about quoting one of the others who said “It used to be that all we had to do was drink and put up with their pawing and bad breath. But the job opportunities for young women are so few that more and more girls are flocking to the salons, driving down prices and making us all provide more and more services for less and less money. I’m totally disgusted with what’s happening to the salon industry, which used to have at least a veneer of respectability and where most girls didn’t have to have sex if they didn’t want to. I can’t imagine where it’ll be a year from now, and I can hardly bear thinking about where I’ll be tonight.”

  • slouching_tiger

    jeez who let the party poopers in?

  • hoju_saram

    Tasteless yet strangely arousing.

  • abcdefg

    Korea- the rest of Asia too for that matter- needs a moral makeover/overhaul. If I could, I’d take one of those giant Mickey Mouse gloved hands and smack all such patrons across their chaebol faces.

    Morally, per se, there might be nothing wrong with boinking a prostitute. But arguably the effects of such activities on a mainstream scale, if that’s the case, don’t bode well for the health of a nation. In Korea’s case, especially, the society can’t handle it and what’s going on is the breeding of a population of special losers indeed.

    I’d never have sex with a whore. I abhor them, but I dislike them far less than I do their “Johns,” especially the Korean ones.

    My 2 won.

  • Linkd

    Yeah, you’re right, tiger. Baby daughter born 3 weeks ago. Wife on maternity leave. Mom visiting from Canada. Surrounded by women lately. Please forgive.

    I’ll be back to my old self soon.

  • abcdefg

    Korea- the rest of Asia too for that matter- needs a moral makeover/overhaul. If I could, I’d take one of those giant Mickey Mouse gloved hands and smack all such patrons across their chaebol faces.

    Morally, in itself, there might be nothing wrong with boinking a prostitute. But arguably the effects of such activities don’t bode well for the health of a nation. In Korea’s case, perhaps especially, the society can’t handle it and what’s going on is the breeding of a population of special losers indeed.

    I’d never have sex with a whore. I abhor them, but I dislike them far less than I do their “Johns,” especially the Korean ones.

    My 2 won.

    ps: Robert or anyone, I’ve tried posting the above comment twice already, but those comments don’t show up I’m guessing because of the link or hyperlink that were in posts. If those two posts ever show up, please delete those two or this one. I won’t even bother posting up the link again.

    Oh yes, party pooper to the max!

  • MigukNamja

    Off-topic : I wonder why my flag by my name seems to be that of Vietnam, yet I’m sitting in Seoul using HCN as my ISP while I type this.

  • Breaktrack

    I say let them all swirl down into a sexually immoral cesspool of filth and STD’s. According to some here, I probably have AIDS or am at least HIV positive so who am I to judge?

  • hardyandtiny

    “when they can’t hold it anymore”….that was funny.

    (miguknamja, not that it matters much, but I think that’s
    an HK flag.)

  • Iceberg

    Wait a minute! I thought Seoul was cracking down on prostitution…

    WJK, help me out here.

    “There’s no such thing as a full salon.

    There’s no such thing as a full salon.

    There’s no such thing as a full salon.”

    Okay. I feel better now.

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    What are you talking about? There is indeed such a thing as a “full salon”. It’s Japan’s fault.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    You’d think cops would show up at their doorsteps pretty fast given that they are flaunting what they do, but then your remember that the neon-signs of most massage parlors, some of which are situated near police stations, were never turned off.

  • abcdefg

    @#10, you forgot this from the wjk psychobabble: “me’s a jar jar binks” :p

  • iheartblueballs

    And the Lord looked down upon the Holy Land of Korea, with it’s measly, pitiful room salons that did not allow man to both consume wine and fornicate upon the same premises, and he spaketh “Let there be full salons. And let man drinketh my blood and receive full oral relief under the same roof.”

    And so Yahweh spoke, and so it shall be. Praise Jesus and the bounty of blow jobs he hath so mercifully granted to his sheep.

  • wjk

    blueballs, you’re a sinner.

  • wjk

    Carr is right. I’ll bet money that “full salon” is a term borrowed, yet once again, from JAPAN.

    A nation of innovative sexual perversion.

  • Iceberg

    Try as we might, we will never out do (outdo? out-do?) wjk.

    (Future) GYNO in the house boyeeeee!

  • seouldout

    “Japan’s fault” doesn’t appear until #11!?
    Gosh, would it be too much to hope for yet another Korea v. Japan bash-a-thon? Kinda like Marcia v. Greg. And Kathy Lawrence performs a cheer in the Brady’s living room.

    Flunky to Japan!

    “LOUDER!!” – Greg

  • arthjourneyman

    Even if the idea was from Japan, it doesn’t change the fact that the idea was wholeheartedly embraced by these people. Now where’s Judge Dredd when ya need’em…

  • wjk

    it’s not fully embraced. Dong A and others point to this as a new SOCIAL PROBLEM.

    there’s a sector of Koreans who believe that if we cut off sex culture from Japan, Korean society will be better off.

    same concept as US not allowing legal whorehouses, except in Nevada.

    that was somewhat done under military govt, in terms of what they COULD cut off. What does AV stand for again? Audio Visual? No. This is Japan. Let me think. Adult Video? That must be it. Kim Dae Jung was the one who initiated “cultural exchange” unrestricted. Now there’s a big consumer population of South Koreans looking at Japanese girls doing their stuff.

    hair nude, racing girls, AV star (again, not audio visual, this are ALL Japanese terms), gee, guys, what else can you think of?

    Japanese is a porno and sex culture leader of the world. No doubt. They even make up their own English phrases that don’t exist in the English speaking world.

  • wjk

    love hotel.

  • wjk

    i’m not totally negative about Japan. Japanese are smart, creative, and industrious.

    They are also sexually MORE perverted and open about it, has a pride issue and superiority complex over Korea, and has done much harm but also good to Korea.

    selectively learn and take what is good from Japan.

  • dogbertt

    Like Gundam, right, wjk?

  • Peter Pan

    Damn you free market! Don’t you hate it when ideals from the outside are embraced by your people. It must be the outsiders fault, never your own for accepting them ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Prostitution and love motels existed here long before Kim Dae Jung was even elected. What’s next? You’re going to claim that the hundreds of thousands of prostitutes in the country only service USFK personnel and Japanese tourists?

    PS. The most ‘perverted’ Japanese AV is in fact produced for the American market…Hey, what’s that flag right by your name?

  • wjk


    prostitution existed in every nation before Japan existed.

    Love motels only came about post Kim Yong Sam.

    Japanese adult videos became freely imported and marketed in Korea after Kim Dae Jung.

    Japanese people are very open sexually. I don’t think you have a leg on to stand, if you were going to argue against that.

    All I’m saying is Korean women would be better off without the new ideas on how to exploit women coming from Japan.

    it’s like a internet filter, a cable tv block out of adult channels.

  • wjk

    love motels existed a long time in Japan, way before they were introduced in Korea. That’s a fact.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “Love motels only came about post Kim Yong Sam.”

    So wrong. Trust me, I’ve been here long enough to know.

    “Japanese adult videos became freely imported and marketed in Korea after Kim Dae Jung.”

    Nope. They were illegally imported, copied, and distributed long before then. I guess you’ve never seen how Korean VHS movies in the 80’s are interrupted midway through with a public announcement about literally protecting the purity of Korea against the evils of foreign adult movies?

    “Japanese people are very open sexually.”

    What’s that got to do with anything? Besides, that’s a bit of a stereotype. My friend’s wife, who is Japanese, says that many Japanese women in their 30s are still virgins, despite the stereotype you seem so clearly to believe. They simply don’t have the time to date.

    “All Iโ€™m saying is Korean women would be better off without the new ideas on how to exploit women coming from Japan.”

    Sounds to me like you’re projecting guilt onto the Japanese for what Korean men do.

  • wjk

    you said “illegally” yourself. I’ll let you reflect substantially on that. That’s really the key, really, honest.

    Love Hotels were around prior to Kim Yong Sam?

    To my knowledge, the phrase didn’t even exist under military government.

    don’t lump together, yeo in sook, yeo kwan, etc with them. These were not specifically targeted towards sex.

    don’t create a micro stereotype based upon your wife’s tale.

    Japan is in the top 3 in adult entertainment industry world wide.

  • Sonagi


    His posts are like a highway wreck. Just scroll on past. Don’t even rubberneck.

  • globalvillageidiot

    “Love motels only came about post Kim Yong Sam.”

    Wrong. Someguy is correct about that and the vids. I came here in 1996, more than a year before KYS left office. Love motels/hotels and porn were definitely around.

    “All Iโ€™m saying is Korean women would be better off without the new ideas on how to exploit women coming from Japan.”

    Korean women would be better off living in a society which isn’t ranked between Kuwait and Cambodia in terms of Gender Gap Index. (Japan’s results aren’t much better.) Women here have been exploited for a long time. Blaming Japanese porn for any of Korea’s moral/social ills isn’t going to help in the slightest because it isn’t a root cause.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “you said โ€œillegallyโ€ yourself. Iโ€™ll let you reflect substantially on that. Thatโ€™s really the key, really, honest.”

    Not really. The video were illegally imported, but quite easily so. The photos, only softcore ones, were freely distributed in countless magazines. As for Japanese ‘adult videos’ being freely distributed, that isn’t happening. I think you’re confusing Japanese ‘adult videos’ (ie. porn) with Japanese ‘cinema’. If I remember correctly, a movie by Akira Kurosawa (Rashomon?) and a movie by Takeshi Kitano (Sonatine?) were the first two Japanese movie to be released in Korean theaters after KDJ lifted the ban.

  • mins0306

    Couple of years ago, when the government enacted the “War on Prostitution”, a colleague of mine predicted that room salons will offer sexual services (oral and vaginal) along with the booze in the individual rooms. He said that it was natural that the room salons develop these services considering that the male customers wouldn’t like going into a motel where their chances of getting caught increases. Well that prediction has come true.

    As for the exploitation of women, yes the room salons, massage parlors and such are degrading to Korean women. However on the other hand, you also have host bars where the women go to drink and play with the men, so I guess things balance themselves out here. (BTW, there are rumors of certain actresses regularly going to host bars and forcing the men there to do certain acts with their ahem things. One innocent looking actress who is also a host bar regular is famous for her tendency to dance on the table). Also one has to remember that most of the women who work in the above establishments chose the life that they are leading. Heck some even signed up for it to support their addiction to luxury goods. And as long as we have horny ajussis willing to pay tens of thousands or millions of Won for a chance to bang someone younger, expect more of these women to join the ranks. Same goes for the men who work in the places that cater to women.

  • SomeguyinKorea

    Oh, there definitely were love motels with rooms rented by the hour.

    “donโ€™t lump together, yeo in sook, yeo kwan, etc with them. These were not specifically targeted towards sex.”.

    So, you’re telling that the 50 or so motels in my little hick town, especially the ones located near room salons and other businesses involved in the sex trade, managed to stay open all these years because of tourists?

    Look, even some of the larger hotels in Seoul even had in-house prostitutes.

  • wjk

    someguy and global, you’re both wrong.

    There was no love hotels/motels before Kim Yong Sam took office. Military governors like Park, Jun, and Roh Tae Woo didn’t allow it. Even gambling was limited. Casino style gambling, I believe was even limited to foreigners only.

    You admit it yourself. You say 1996. Kim Yong Sam took office when?

    Oh, my God ! It seems wjk is right !

    Wasn’t it 1993 or so?

    I’m sure it was.

    Simply said, Love Motels/Hotels came from Japan and existed in Korea after 1991 for certain. Never prior to that.

    Interesting factoid is that military governors decided on which vices the public were allowed to indulge in, despite being a secular govt and all.

    Someguy, I am 100% sure that Kim Dae Jung allowed import of Japanese adult videos under his reign, legally. LEGALLY. LEGALLY ! And of course, if you’re gonna import Japanese AV, you’re going to import real movies, too.

  • globalvillageidiot

    “Oh, my God ! It seems wjk is right !”

    Sorry, but you are not. wjk, you even wrote in #26, “Love motels only came about post Kim Yong Sam.”

    Post KYS = After KYS. That would mean after 1997. You are wrong.

    “Someguy, I am 100% sure that Kim Dae Jung allowed import of Japanese adult videos under his reign, legally. LEGALLY. LEGALLY ! And of course, if youโ€™re gonna import Japanese AV, youโ€™re going to import real movies, too.”

    Wrong again! As someguy mentioned, the initial opening was very limited. A few specific movies were screened and some concerts – with strict limits on things like seating capacity – were allowed, but it has nothing to do with Japanese AV. Most Japanese cultural imports remained restricted.

  • wjk

    it seems your problem, someguy, and global, is that something about me irritates you so much, that you will hang on to a little bit of anything to make word-fight with me.

    How amazingly petty.

    post Kim Yong Sam means after Kim Yong Sam took office”.”

    where am I wrong? Everything about my time line is right.

    this is not stemming from a Bush thing, is it?

    Oh, gosh, you people want to burn every Bush supporter at the stake, go ahead. He is the defender of freedom, livelihood, and parity.

  • wjk

    this filth came from Japan.

    you want to say, no, this is ingrained in Koreans. Even without Japan, it would have been so.

    I say, stop importing unecessary filth from Japan.

    You say, no Koreans are inherently too horny and sex crazy, don’t blame Japan.

    By the way, I don’t appreciate the condescending attitude,

    wjk, this,

    wjk, that,

    LOL, wjk,

    You do this w/ pretty much every Korean except mins0306.

    why is that? Is it because he agrees with everything you say, and takes swipe at Koreans as a whole and hits your G-spot?

  • MrMao

    Koreans banging hookers in Korea in 2007 has NOTHING to do with Japan. Nothing.

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    wjk is often quite perceptive, but definitely has “Japan blinders” on when it comes to things he defines as Korean social ills — they’re predictably all Japan’s fault. With respect to those things, wjk can become a caricature of himself.

    Where I differ with wjk is his perspective. First off, places for couples to go and have privacy to enjoy their sex life are not a social ill. Places for businessmen to go and get their freak on with prostitutes (the “full salon”) are not necessarily a social ill either. Live and let live. All of it takes places in private — you are not obligated to attend.

  • Robert Koehler

    Hey, wjk — somebody’s appears to be calling you out:

  • abcdefg

    I’m sorry but it’s true. WJK’s mind is like a pinball machine upon which one small ball of thought bounces frantically around a few familiar pillars of reaction- “liberal,” “Japan,” “whitey” – when pressed. It gets old pretty quick if it’s amusing at all. He’s not representative of any “Korean American” perspective except his own. I hope that’s understood.

    Anyway, I regret using the word “whore” in my comment above. I sound like a misogynistic prude for using it. I was tired and upset. I agree that businessmen having sex parties with prostitute is not neccesarily a social ill but I’m not getting the sense that it’s a very esoteric activity. Prevalence of such a thing should count for something amiss, if it is prevalent.

  • Sonagi

    My index finger is getting nerve damage from all the repetitive scrolling past wjk’s slobber. Please make it go away, Robert.

  • Iceberg

    I take full responsibility and apologize to everyone for bringing wjk into this thread.

    “One innocent looking actress who is also a host bar regular is famous for her tendency to dance on the table”

    I’m guessing that you’re talking about Lee Young Ae. I’ve heard stories. (Well, just one story, actually, but it involves her and tables.)

  • King Baeksu

    WJK, I lived in Japan for three years and South Korea for over eleven years. Allow me to reeducate you on your faulty assumptions.

    I have been to numerous hostess and host clubs in both Japan and Korea. I have also known many hosts and hostesses in both countries, and even lived with several hostesses in Japan. I have seen far raunchier behavior in Korean hostess and host clubs than I ever did in Japan. It is also common knowledge that ichas or sex between hostesses and their customers occurs far more often in Korea that it does in Japan.

    As for yogwans, these are called ryokans in Japan and the Japanese varient is far classier and more upscale than their Korean equivalent. Modern Korean yogwans have been around for about a hundred years and they have long had a seedy image. One rarely if ever hears Japanese ryokans described as seedy. And the influence of Japanese love hotels in Korea has been minimal since many Japanese love hotels have elaborate themes, which is rarely the case in Korea.

    Your thesis that perverted Japanese sex cuture has had some sort of dastardly influence on contemporary Korean sex culture needs reassessment, frankly. Yes, there has been some influence in other areas dating back to the colonial period, but everything you’ve talked about so far merely indicates that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

    No wonder you like George W. Bush. He loves ignoramuses just like you.

  • abcdefg

    Seriously, I can forgive King Baeksu who doesn’t seem to post around here often. But at some point responding to WJK becomes like that scene in the comedy film Airplane where a long line of people gather to smack sense into a single frantic passenger.

    It doesn’t take a genius to contradict or refute wjk’s post. (No offense, wjk, but it’s true!) And pushing the “Bush” button is only going to get the machine going again.

  • Breaktrack

    Did your father take you to be serviced by a prostitute before you did your military service WJK? One of my best friend’s father did. I blame the Americans for his and his father’s immoral behavior.

  • Linkd

    Now THAT was uncalled for.

  • Breaktrack

    You’re right Linkd. I apologize to any American I have insulted. I was just curious like Koreans are about us foreigners. Just trying to fit in to the society here. Many (not all) of my Korean male friends had that particular experience before serving their country. If you think about it, I’m just speaking openly and honestly trying to accept Korean ways. When in Rome, do as Romans do right? Again, sorry if I insulted any Americans. It’s hard to hear the sarcasm in my voice online. I’m EXTREMELY pro-American although I’m half Canuck.

  • Breaktrack

    No sarcasm in that last sentence by-the-way. I consider myself pro-US all the way.

  • sumo294

    King Baeksu, I seriously doubt you go to the best of the best. I think you are flying in the mid class range by your remarks. A Korean in the best of the room salons in Japan? Yeah . . . oh yeah really true. Let me think you are a West Coast Korean American Loser. Your family does textiles and you have been to both countries. That about sum it up?

    King Baeksu: I hic . . . go to Japan and I like totally hooked up with this girl from like a room salon joint.

    sumo294: Do mean a karoke bar or perhaps a booking club.

    King Baeksu: No, no, I mean i was in this really fancy place and the girls were way hot. It was cool we just talked in English.

    sumo294: You mean face to face without a translater?

    King Baeksu: No, sometimes my Jap friend helped but you know like I could understand her and stuff.

    sumo294: Wow, so you were like totally introduced by a real heavy hitter in Japan.
    Are you connected to that world by political interests or perhaps by property interests?

    King Baeksu: No, no. My family has like 25 stores and we import finished textile goods into Cali.

    sumo294: Oh, so you were introduced by a mid-tier manager at a medium sized firm operating out of the South-
    West business corridor of Toyko’s textile warehouse industry?

    King Baeksu: Yeah, and everywhere we went he like knew everybody. I mean so different from Korea and they like even became like my girlfriend and stuff.

    sumo294: Wow, you really know the place. If I have any questions for the real experience I will be sure and call you.

  • King Baeksu

    Sumo294, are you related to WJK by any chance? You, too, clearly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • dda

    Off-topic : I wonder why my flag by my name seems to be that of Vietnam, yet Iโ€™m sitting in Seoul using HCN as my ISP while I type this.

    That’s Hong Kong’s flag, which should be next to MY name, since I am sitting across the bay from Chek Lap Kok airport… I guess the geolocation system Robert is using is a bit outdated, or fubard or else…

  • dda

    Simply said, Love Motels/Hotels came from Japan and existed in Korea after 1991 for certain. Never prior to that.

    What an ass. I slept my first three days in July 1990 in the ์žฅ๋ฏธ์—ฌ๊ด€, near Yonsei [the building is still there but its business name and business has changed if memory serves], a famous, long-time love motel. The night clerk was dumbfounded that I wanted to stay as long as a night, let alone three nights. I understood quickly why. Between the very thin walls, the beds banging against the walls, and the various noises whores and johns make in corridors and rooms, I knew very quickly I was in a love hotel. But it was a cheap and relatively clean place, so I just bought ear plugs… :-)

  • dda

    Ah, also, there’s a local hotel, which has been managed for 15/20 years by an international brand, which had an “artist entrance” at the rear, complete with hidden elevator [the entrances of the elevator are inside small rooms with doors that look exactly like a guest room’s], to take discretely bus-loads of whores directly to the guest rooms, bypassing the lobby. When this international hotel brand entered Korea and signed a management contract with this hotel, they tried to “clean up” the hotel’s practices, but it took them quite some time before the owner understood this was a bad, albeit lucrative, practice for the hotel’s image. Last time I checked, the elevator was still in place, but used for moving staff and room service. Or so they said…

  • King Baeksu

    dda, the ์žฅ๋ฏธ์—ฌ๊ด€ you stayed in was the very one that inspired the infamous Ma Kwang-soo poem “To the Rose Inn” (I know because he told me personally).

    Incidentally, that poem, which concerns a foot and fingernail fetish amongst others, was published 4 or 5 years before President Kim Young-sam even took office.

    No doubt WJK will inform us all yet again of how Japan was somehow at the root of it all.

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  • dda

    King Baeksu, thanks for this tidbit, I hadn’t made the connection. “๊ฐ€์ž ์žฅ๋ฏธ์—ฌ๊ด€์œผ๋กœ” was published in 1989, too, some time before I arrived in Korea…

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Nah, you’re either ill-informed about South Korea, or think that we are naive, that’s all. You’re basically feeding us the same lies and half-truths about prostitution that use long time residents of Korea have heard coming from people who are too young to know any better.

    But, I’m with Brendon on prostitution. What goes one behind the bedroom doors between two consenting adults stays there (unless one of them is married, but that’s another story, isn’t it?). It shouldn’t be illegal to sell something that most people give away for free.

  • The_William_G

    Moreover, since the โ€œfull salonโ€ experience usually develops into group sex, it also stimulates an odd sense of fellowship amongst men.

    I read this and then the mental image of a dozen ajoshis leathery hides pumping away at some young lasses popped into my head and made me nauseous.

    I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

  • seouldout

    Ah…freebies. Word on the street is that’s what keeps many expats around.

    Japs responsible for that too?

  • seouldout

    Ah…freebies. Word on the street is that’s what many expats around.

    Japs responsible for that too?

  • arthjourneyman

    Oh and in the same vein as this thread goes, let me be the first to accuse wjk of being Japanese posing as a Korean.

  • dogbertt

    LOL…King Baeksu’s as Korean as I am.


  • shirasony


    I’ve been here since 1984 and believe me facilities for… umm… dubious activities were around at that time. They may not have been called ‘love motels’ per se, but if it walks like a duck…

    btw… Where in the world do you get these ideas?

  • Maekchu

    #36…I have no idea when love hotels came to Korea or when Kim Young Sam was in office. I’m too lazy to Google both subjects.

    However, I first came to Korea in 1989 and one of my first Korean gfriends took me to a love hotel out near the horse race track outside of Seoul in Kwachon. We spent the night at the love hotel and went to the track the next day to bet on the horses. The place was packed, I lost about 60,000 won that day and I didn’t see another foreigner in the crowd; it was all Koreans. The bottom line is both legal gambling and love hotels existed in Korea prior to 1990. Sorry.

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  • Sonagi

    This line in comment#47 is worth repeating:

    But at some point responding to WJK becomes like that scene in the comedy film Airplane where a long line of people gather to smack sense into a single frantic passenger.

    Best comment about another commenter. Ever.

  • wjk

    i’d just like to wrap it up by saying that Monsieur dda, you yourself called it a

    Yeo Gwan.

    Not a love motel/hotel.

    Prostitution existed way before that.

    Baeksu, I don’t have to buy your sex is classier in Japan line.

    Room Salon, Sexy Bar, Racing Girls, AV Girl, Dae Dal Bang, Yu Ri Bang, I these English words that don’t exist in the English world, but exist in Japan and Korea only…connect the dots. Take off your own colored glasses.

    Sonagi, get a man.

  • dda

    If the last sentence in that latest “comment” [why do I feel so fucking generous with the use of the word comment] by Med School Fakerโ„ข doesn’t get him banned…

  • wjk

    yuh sung shi min dan chaes in Korea are the ones who pressured Roh to do their ineffective crack down on prostitution of late.

    this is the same that sees Full Salon as problematic, since it’s just a way to dodge the current ineffective law.

    thus, from their view and my view, a social problem.

  • wjk

    hey, she didn’t make a single “comment” on anything, except to say, wjk this, wjk that, LOL wjk, etc.

    hey, I was “consulted” to comment on this issue.

    what’s your complaint?

    then again, I don’t want to be banned. I’ve been here many years. Back when Kimsoft was alive, and when Kim Il Sung was the site banner. I’m sorry, Sonagi. You ignore me, and I ignore you. Ok?

    dda, I am who I am.

    for the rest, did you enjoy your “gang bang”?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    The thing about the crackdown, WJK, is that it took place at about the same time the US was accusing Korea of being a place of concern for human trafficking.

    I’m not even sure that the crackdown was meant to be an effective one. Many law makers and cops have liberal views about prostitution (some have been caught visiting brothels, but that’s another story).

    The crackdown resulted in a few places being shut down and many Korean prostitutes and pimps setting up shop in the US and Australia. The US stopped complaining. Problem solved, apparently.

    The fact that many of these businesses have changed their business models over the years (phone rooms, officetel bordellos, and now the full salon) may have more to do with wanting to follow the trends of its clientรจle’s fetishes than the crackdown itself. One thing for sure is that it would be easy to close down many of these places (they advertise on the internet, after all), but the cops and the government chose not to do so.

  • baduk

    I do not agree with wjk all the time.

    However, on this particular issue, I agree with him.

    Koreans had sex-for-money before the Japanese got here. But, Godless and money-loving Japanese made prostitution respectable.

    Since then, prostitutes were out in the open, in big groups, with no shame.

    The Japanese has no morals when it comes to sex. They are animals.

    Koreans had followed Confusian teaching and limited sexual escapades because sex, especially illegal ones, destroy family.

    Koreans are morally superior to the Japs. I am not saying Koreans are Aryans. However, you must admit there are dirtier races in the world. The Japanese now may be rich, but they are dirty when it comes to sex.

    Many, especially old Koreans, have learned these dirty side of sex under the Japanese rule.

    Japan without God is a dirty people.

    Sexual deviants.

  • jdog2050

    One thing that never fails to amaze me is the knack that northeast asians have for *industrializing* sex. It’s basically the equivalent of an oil change here.

  • jdog2050

    Also, where is Pawikigiri(sp?) to blame it all on Japan, America, and US soldiers?

  • SomeguyinKorea

    “Itโ€™s basically the equivalent of an oil change here.”

    Whereas in the US it’s like getting your pipes cleaned?

    Honestly, can it get anymore ‘industrialized’ than in North American and Europe where customers don’t even need to step out of their cars in order to negotiate and complete a transaction with a street walker?

  • Iceberg

    If that endorsement of wjk had come from the Krazy Kat’s mouth, it might have had some merit.

  • cmm


    Is that racism or what?

    “Koreans are morally superior to the Japs.”


    Anyway, these poor poor Korean guys… the barbarian ‘japs’ are still literally getting these guys drunk (and taking the korean men’s money out of their wallets to pay for getting drunk), marching them to room salons (again making the korean men pay for the taxi), forcing them to drink overpriced whiskey (yep), and then making them part with a lot more of their hard earned money (the same money Confucius would suggest should be used on their families) to defile themselves by sleeping with working women who are much younger than their wives. But, it’s worse than this. These same women are to this day victimized by the “savage ‘japs.'” Indeed, they are bused into the cities, put up in apartments, and paid much better than the korean men who they are forced to have sex with against their will. Most of the poor girls throw the money away out of shame and disgust. This should be expected because the japanese are the ones who really like money, not koreans (nor chinese).

    I’ve gone out on the town many times with Koreans who were older professionals, middle-aged professionals, and college students. I’ve seen the work of the devious Japanese people at work in all these poor victims’s minds. Just let me say that these “morally superior” Koreans, across the board, have given me high confidence that full salons and other future evolutions of prostitution, are not going to be hurting for business anytime soon. …all because of baduk’s dirty “japs.”

  • SomeguyinKorea


    Don’t take anything Baduk writes too literally. He was obviously being sarcastic.

  • cmm

    if so, then my bad.

    let me re-aim that comment to whoever DOES buy into what he might have been saying sarcastically.

  • sumo294

    You are nothing more than a Roh apologist. Oh, I go to Stanford, so I am smart, OK.

    King Baeksu: I mean really, Japanese whore houses are so much more elegant, refined and genteel compared to Korean places.

    sumo294: Except, of course, the shop next door where you can give it to a duck, lamb or even eat out a piglet.

    King Baeksu: Errr . . . look we are talking about whores here not animals. Let’s not get sidetracked. I mean take for example the way Japanese girls will like sprinkle your food with salt and the way they serve your tea–I mean goodness gracious, I mean–it is something special, so elegant.

    sumo294: But of course at the end they give you a blow job.

    King Baeksu: Well of course, but the way they do it is so refined. I mean the action is so smooth so different, so full of technique. Man, its great.

    sumo294: Except of course, in the end, your Japanese host puts his dick in her ass.

    King Baeksu: What the hell are you talking about. Man . . . what the . . . look, I lived in Japan for five years and I am telling you that stuff never happens.
    No way, no way. I mean my girl was so educated, so graceful and elegant.

    sumo294: Actually, when a Japanese girl does not want to give full service but is constrained by social expectations, she will often offer her ass in lieu of vaginal sex.

    King Baeksu: Man, shut up, where do you come up with this stuff.

    sumo294: It basically stems from the fact that anal sex was never formally addressed by Japanese law so therefore is not technically considered lewd or immoral in the eyes of the court. If a place strictly adheres to such a service then the police do not concern themselves with such matters.

    King Baeksu: Listen man, I had plenty of Japanese girls what you are saying does not ring true.

    sumo294: Well, outside of the conversation clubs, maybe half the girls have some experience working for such places that offer it on the menu. It really is not a big deal over there.

    King Baeksu: Man, you are lying.

    sumo294: Prositution, and what is expected of prositutes is a rigid definition in Japan. When a shop tries something different they actually employ educators who explain very carefully what is expected of the consumer.

    King Baeksu: Yeah, look I know that already.

    sumo294: Yes, but it stems from early times when the girls were split into a caste that did it and does who are not expected to do it. Therefore the primary aim of every Japanese whore is to be more like the higher clas whore of flower arrangement, musical instruments, and tea ceremony. But they are a farce at what they do and in the end, if a cliet wishes for anything and if agreed to by the shop, it must be honored.

    King Baeksu: You serious?

    sumo294: This is nothing new, simply an ancient practice that came out of a system of animistic mores that evolved to its present day system. Some might judge our reactions to such workings as Puritanical.

    King Baeksu: . . . Ok, man, then what is your point. Asshole.

    sumo294: My point is that Koreans do not stick it to animals and Korean room salon girls do not take it in the ass. Simple.

  • aaronm

    Ahh, Koreans and their “but the Japs are more promiscuous” schtick! It’s like the the NE Asian version of the blood libel. Sumo’s effort is worthy of entry in the ‘Protocols of the Learned (Pervert) Elders of Nippon’.

  • King Baeksu

    Sumo294, I am flattered that I have occupied your imagination so fully. For Round 3, shall I present my shakuhachi for your energetic consideration?

    By the way, it was Berkeley not Stanford, but at least you got the state right so I’ll give you a pass this time — unlike your previous stab at my ethnicity which didn’t even hit the right continent!

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    Indeed, they are bused into the cities, put up in apartments, and paid much better than the korean men who they are forced to have sex with against their will.

    According to the sleazy scandal-sheet tabloids upon which I rely for my information on Korean society (hello,, the average monthly income for one of these room-salon girls in Bukchang-dong or the “full salons” ranges from W6,000,000 to W15,000,000 per month.

    For a Korean woman of little education (hell, for a Korean college graduate) this can be an irresistible wage. It’s what lawyers make, and the job is hardly as degrading.

  • jdog2050

    Damn Brendan, that’s a lotta scratch!

    No, I don’t think getting paid sex in America is like an oil change. By oil change I mean, routine, easy, safe, and JOYLESS.

    Sex for sale in the states is still illegal both in law, and on the street (i.e., it’s enforced and people are busted routinely). Therefore, it’s *visceral*. It’s dangerous, it’s sketchy, it’s a thrill.

    Here, there are more room salons and karaoke bars than pharmacies. It’s a joyless de facto affair that you pretty much have to do if you’re in upper management. Your friends expect you to. Your wife expects you to. Society expects you to.

  • jdog2050

    Also, I think that’s why more and more koreans are going to SE asia to buy sex. THAT’S where the thrill is. Trannies, drugs, violence. Prostitution is about the thrill, without it…

  • โ—~*

    Haha. Lucrative job and…….. and the girls date with your bosses whereas you haggle with your boss. Even Stanford lawschool graduate girl turned into that kind of girl. Slaves of money.

  • โ—~*
  • colontos

    “Sonagi, get a man.”

    Best comment about another commenter. Ever.

  • Brendon Carr (Korea Law Blog)

    Ah, I mean this girl,

    Cristina Warthen (neรฉ Schultz) apparently has the sympathies of her Stanford classmates, and has since married dot-com millionaire David Warthen, founder of Ask Jeeves (now

    Her old professional webpage is still available, and you can see more recent shots of Cristina Warthen steppin’ out as a “celebrity” on the red carpet at the “Dimes & Whips” event in Beverly Hills.

    She clearly spent some of the money on plastic surgery. Cristina’s frozen mien and grotesquely ballooned chest appear perfect for Beverly Hills, although I personally think her black friend is more attractive, although not a dime (“10″).


    Everytime someone mentions “morals” my immediate instinct is to snap a “go sit on the holy text of your choice”. Which I will do right now. This has nothing to do with morals, but with societal norms. The old Confucian structure is disintegrating everywhere and women in those types of societies are trying (by mostly groping in the darkness) to find whatever empowerment they can. And one of the first step to empowerment, like it or not, is the realization of your sexual capital. That said: go sit on the holy text of your choice.