Rare Videos of Pyongyang

The National Archives has released some rare videos of Pyongyang taken from 1945 to 1953. The videos were acquired from the Russian and American archives, and are definitely worth watching — one thing I learned is that the North apparently used the taegeukgi flag, i.e., the South Korean flag, until replacing it with their current flag, the ingonggi, in July 1948.

(HT to reader)

  • Bigdig

    Robert, this is my first post, and after lurking for a while, I’ve decided to join. Firstly, thanks for these links. Now, I must say I’m surprised you didn’t know the North first used the Taegugki flag. Considering how much you know about Korea’s history, I imagined this would’ve been old news to you.

  • http://21cseonbi.blogspot.com sewing

    I’ve only watched parts of two of the videos so far and with no sound, but fascinating stuff all the same. Thanks for always keeping this blog engaging.

  • wjk

    good stuff. It’s amazing how North Korea fucked itself over in a few decades.

    No thanks to Russian Imperialists, Chinese Imperialists.

    so much han.

    Drink more soju.

  • hoju_saram

    Thanks for the links marmot. I just got back from Pyongyang and got my hands on a lot of old footage there. I’ll try to post some of it on youtube. I actually bought a bunch of old propaganda cartoon videos which are some of the most interesting. This stuff is earlier than most of it, so kudos.

  • http://www.san-shin.org sanshinseon

    Welcome to the Hole, Bigdig. I didn’t know that Pyeongyang started out using the Taegeuk-gi flag, either.

    Have no illusions — even the longest-involved-with-Korea among us are still constantly learning new stuff — the education never ends, and it never gets tiresome. Reading this blog is great for teaching me all sortza fresh info & perspectives, because the posters and commentariat are coming from so many different angles concerning “Korea”, have had such different experiences with it — many of them radically different from my own. I value that variety highly.